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Out of all the nine planet, our world is only inhabited by us. The sole reason behind it is the five elements or the “Panchabhootas”. The five elements are earth, water, fire, air and space. Vastu is the science that combines all these five elements or “Panchabhootas” and blend them with man and material. Vastu is the scientific way to pave the way of health, wealth, prosperity and happiness by using the advantages and benefits bestowed by the five elements or “Panchabhootas”.

Where it Directs

The sole purpose of designing a house is not just providing the place for living. The purpose is actually building a home that not only provides you with good and comfortable living but also good health and enhanced wealth and prosperity. That is why the co-relation between the house design and the rotation of planet is important to ponder upon. A building becomes a perfect homVastu-directione when the right orientation meets the proper construction planning and the best materials. It helps in increasing the life span of the building as well as its occupants too. There are many instances that if the building is not built in the proper orientation it suffers deterioration than the buildings that are built with the right orientation.

The common knowledge of sunrise helps to determine the direction. Since sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if someone faces towards east, north will be at their left hand side and south will be north. The corners where two directions meet are the most powerful as the force of two direction meets at that point. So, there are four directions, North, South, East, West, North East, East South, Southwest, West north. All of these directions have their own significance and has its own construction.

Why it is Essential

If you want to build a home you need to start in a new way from the very beginning. From choosing plot to shift the home, you need to do everything according to plan and right orientation. Vastu is not just a word but a science that connects man and nature. Vastu helps to choose the plot, the soil quality, shape and nature of the plot, the interior and exterior design of the home, the colour and the right placement of doors, windows and furniture.

Why Vastu is Unique

Vastu is originated from India. It is a science, quite similar to Feng Shui that has been originated from China. Though both have similar purpose yet Vastu is different from Feng Shui in principles. Since we are Indian interior designers, we strictly follow Vastu and its cultural, traditional, geographical and climatical conditions.

Vastu Shastra & tVastu-Shastrahe Interior Decoration

Interior design is the procedure of contouring the experience of interior space, through the treatment of spatial volume as well as exterior accomplishment.

Interior Design is a profession which is related to anything & everything that is found inside an area or a space, such as windows, walls, floors, lights, furnishings& fixtures, surfaces & textures, and a lot more! All of these fundamentals are utilized by interior designing companies or interior designers. There are five elements in the nature such as, water, earth, air, fire and space according to Vastu Shastra. Maintaining all the rules is not possible for all the time. Hence, indoor interiors must be done according to Vastu Shastra. Make the arrangements of furniture, accessories, lighting as per Vaastu Shastra.

Few essentials about Vastu & Interior Decoration

• Fix the cooking platform towards eastern sidewall of the kitchen. According to Vastu, one can achieve good results when facing east while cooking. For storage purposes decide on Southern and the western walls.

• The washbasin must be in the North-East corner and the cylinder must be positioned in the South-East corner of the kitchen.

• In the Bathroom, the geyser is supposed to be positioned in the South – East corner. Alternatively, in the South wall. Choose southern platform for your electronic gadgets.

• The bedroom must be positioned in the South-west as this division of the house represents element earth which is the symbol of heaviness and energy. Sleep towards South, East or West. Don’t place mirror in front of the bed.

• According to Vastu, the South-West division of the house represents the earth element and it is the symbol of heaviness and energy. So, The bedroom must be positioned in the South-West area.

• Organize your puja room in the North, East or the Northeast portion of the house, paint it white. Never arrange the puja area adjacent to toilet or bedroom wall.

Vastu Shastra & Architecture

Architect is the key of the all arts and it can perk up the performance of the construction in various areas, such as:

• Computer Aided PlanVastu-home
• Energy Efficiency & Usefulness
• Earthquake Resistant
• Passive Solar Engineering
• Lighting & Acoustics
• Production Management/Construction Management
• Superior Construction Supplies

The basics of planning is also depends upon activity and functionality. We do our own study according to the requirements and customize the whole design according to our clientele. With a team of extremely experienced skilled architects, we have engraved in every aspects of this industry. It includes residential, industrial, real estate, hotel & Hospitality, educational, hospitals and commercial sectors, business sectors as well. Our architectural base is strong, we have our in depth knowledge and more importantly we are affordable.