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Backyard Ideas to Add To the Heavenly Touch of Interior Decoration

“Great design starts with an idea”. To think of it, any form of interior design is actually incomplete without a proper idea being incorporated in it. Backyards are certainly an indispensable section when you think of an ideal hideaway right at your home.

There are times when we dream big about our houses, but the spaces we actually get to occupy is quite small. It is here that interior designing plays a vital role. The art of interior decoration is completely based on a designer’s ability to tactfully transform small spaces into some of the most alluring and comfortable ones. Continue reading

Get affordable interior design services for a dream bathroom

Gone are those days when bathroom decoration was not given that much importance like the other rooms of the house. Today, bathroom designing is a significant aspect of interior decoration. Bathrooms are designed or remodelled in such a way that you fall in love with the rooms.

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, well planned interior decoration will bring life to it. Turn your bathroom into the space of your dreams by designing a beautiful, calming yet functional area. However, bathroom design can only look truly great when the lighting is right.

Various types of lighting available in the market are natural, wall and ceiling. You can select the lighting according to the space and design and your preference. Firstly, you need to assess the type of space you have in your bathroom.

There should be enough light which in an enjoyable position so that it allows lighting to contribute to the ambience of the bathroom design. This type of lighting will let you relax to a great extent.
You may introduce concealed lighting in your bathroom along with small ceiling down lights. Why is this type of light effective? It helps you to avoid direct light reflecting straight into eyes, especially when you are in the bathtub. Concealed light, also known as hidden light, softens a space and is an excellent enhancement when constructed around a mirror. This kind of light imparts a sense of luxury to the bathroom.

You can instantly transform your bathroom into your own private spa just buy using candles. Scented candles will add up to the aura.

Now, you must be wondering whom to approach for designing your dream bathroom. There are several firms providing affordable interior design in Kolkata. Search the internet to get the list of reputed interior designing firms in Kolkata. Going through their portfolio will help you to shortlist the firms. Before taking the final call, be sure that the firm offers decent design at affordable rates.