Multi-Purpose Is the Trend in Crockery Units for A 700sq Ft. Flat

A common difficulty both faced by the purchasers and the interior designers are to make the right furnishing choices for a 700sq foot of flat. It takes a lot of effort and heads banging to decide on each of the spaces. Each corner of the rooms and the living area along the kitchen needs to be filled with units accommodating almost all the essentials. That gave the Kolkata Home decors re-invent newer designs and concepts regarding the multipurpose crockery units.

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Tug of War at the Kitchens:

To address this fact the Kolkata Interior Design Company Stylespa Interiors brainstormed some technical detailing. With such a task they have addressed the kitchen spaces sat the first go. Why is it so? One of the designers at Stylespa prompted that Kitchen is the most difficult of the lot. It is the battling grounds for the designers. Therefore, to arrange things properly in an attempt to give it an organised look modular kitchen has been the recent solution. But comparatively small flats of 700sq needs more care that the ones with 22sq ft. Even though in most of the times, these flats have open kitchens attached to the living area, crockery units have to be carefully checked in.

The Doubling:

Doubling relates to the two important designing ideas influencing the world of interiors recently. Notably, they have turned out to be the basics in today’s’ competitive edge of designing. What the Kolkata home decors postulates are,

  • Storage + Utility :- Two things go hand in hand for the designers. Interestingly they think that from the very beginning portability factor along with the space required for should be determined. A large part of the wall can use in making a crockery unit which works well with the housing need. It will have spaces for the dishes, glass bowls, microwave, vessels. In short accommodating all the spaces at a go!
  • Multiple Tasking Crockery Units:- A bar counter and table cum sitting arrangement all in the same is possible. Sounds weird but in reality, a table cum seating place cum crockery unit was defined. It has been held as one of the multi-functional cabinet units solving all the problems. You just need to place the boards on the shelves together to form a table and a chair by pushing the drawers without removing any of the items stored inside. And once you are done with eating fold them back in its earlier forms. They save too much of your spaces.

Frankly speaking the Kolkata Interior Design Company champs up a dozen ideas in recent past and have earned repute in executing them at their different clientele. No wonder, you can dance and arrange a whole party at the living cum kitchen area of your small fla