The Laughing Buddha – Vastu from the Early Pages of History


The fact remains known that a Laughing Buddha brings about contentment and prosperity in the lives of individuals who avail it. In fact figurines of Laughing Buddhas have become an indispensable part of the Vastu for Interior decoration.

Looking back on the sands of time we get to know that Laughing Buddha is initially the name that was allotted to Quieci, a Buddhist monk who lived in China. History dates his existence back to thousand years when the common masses named him “Budai” in the regional language. The name laughing Buddha was bestowed on him owing to his jolly nature and the never fading smile that he had on his face. One of the basic morals that he preached among the masses was that life was a journey that is meant to be enjoyed.

Variations in the types of Laughing Buddha

As you enter the world of Vastu, you get to see certain variations in the types of Laughing Buddha’s that you can bring back home.

  • The Laughing Buddha and the fan – The figurine of a Laughing Buddha with a fan is said to be a symbol of the elimination of all kinds of worries and troubled situations within a household an in the lives of its residents. The fanning motion of the Buddha symbolises the ushering away of problems and the dawn of prosperity.
  • The Laughing Buddha and the bowl – The ultimate aim of this figurine is to depict the life of a monk. It symbolises the rejection of worldly pleasures of a common man and his consequent yearn to attain enlightenment.
  • The Laughing Buddha and the children – Generally a set of five the statue of a laughing Buddha in a playful mood with children is known to derive good fortune right from the heavens. Placing this in you residential or work place is bound to emanate positive energies.
  • The laughing Buddha with a bag – The laughing Buddha with a bag signifies a traveller who travels around and gathers the sadness, agony and remorse of individuals and bestows them with the required good fortune at all times.

Vastu being deep rooted in the faith and beliefs of our society ever since times immemorial, has found a vital place in the genre of modern interior design. The right kind and the right angles of placement is a complete win!