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Multi-Purpose Is the Trend in Crockery Units for A 700sq Ft. Flat

A common difficulty both faced by the purchasers and the interior designers are to make the right furnishing choices for a 700sq foot of flat. It takes a lot of effort and heads banging to decide on each of the spaces. Each corner of the rooms and the living area along the kitchen needs to be filled with units accommodating almost all the essentials. That gave the Kolkata Home decors re-invent newer designs and concepts regarding the multipurpose crockery units.

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Creative Designs and Inspiration of Designing a Teen Bedroom

Finally your teenager daughter is happy. She has got her own space in the home. Her own room that she is going to be designed and decorated according to her own choice. Or probably after long pleading and negotiation you teen champ has convinced you to redecorate his room that used to look like a child’s room. True, they are still children for you. But they are on the verge of a big change in their life and personality. Teenage is the most crucial time of child’s life as it is when their personality is going to be shaped. It is obvious that they will want to flaunt their style and personality in the decor of their room even.


Interior designing company in Kolkata or in any metropolitan city will make sure that your child’s wishes and demands get fulfilled. At the same time they will take care of your pocket too. If your budding scholar of creative art wants to fuse their designing ideas too, the designers will make sure that the room speaks of their personality.

Take a look of the creative ideas below to make the room like their own customized world.

Add Theme and Character :-
When your kid wants his/her room reflect their personality the first thing you need to think about is the theme and character of the room. If she is still in her dream world of Mills and Boons stories and rom-coms, decorate her room with the more girly colours like blue and pink. Decorate her bed with feathery pillows and matched bedspread. If he is more into sports and superheroes, make place for his favourite sportsmen and superheroes. If he/she is rebel, keep the décor simple and functional and let them paint their world with their own colours.

Spa Bed Room Decor

Leave Empty Space :-
When your kid is busy with her dance rehearsals or his band jamming, or preparing for her role in school drama or just indulging in hobby of hand painting of glass painting, they need quite a wide free, empty space. Make sure that there is enough free space on the floor of the room. It will also decrease the chances of the accidents too.

Keep a ‘Blue’ Corner :-
Teenage is the time when he/she is going to spend some feeling blue and lazing around.  When he/she is looking for a resort to spend some time with herself/himself, provide them with such a corner in their own room.

Home interior decorators in Kolkata are coming up with amazing designs for such rooms and in affordable price. Seek their help to design the world of your teen prince or princesses.