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An Array of Flooring Options to Complement Your Interiors

With interior designing having reached a complete new level in the present era, one of the top notch benefits that are being bestowed on the commoners is the option to choose from the never ending varieties that is being offered to them. Flooring is one such majestic part of interior designing that has entered the domain of varieties. Right from wooden flooring all the way to the marble ones you get to select from them all and amalgamate them well within the best modern interior design that you opt for.


Extensively used flooring materials for a decked up interior

Materials incorporated in the type of flooring you choose is an important factor. It is ultimately this material that is going to add on to the final tint to the end result of your interiors.

Laminated Flooring

If you are eager to capture the glamour and the grandeur that is emitted by wood then laminate flooring might prove to be the right option for you in every way. The added advantage that comes with laminate flooring is that the material is not affected by the moisture content in any way at all. Cleaning is quite easy in this case as all you need to do is broom it up!

Vinyl flooring material

Originally speaking of it Vinyl is primarily synthetic in nature. But what adds on to its glamour is the end result that is more like a deep enriched wooden texture. You can get these in various colors and select them as per your requirement.

Stone flooring

When you think of best interior designs for home, stone flooring is one of the most extensive forms of flooring that inevitably crosses your mind. Possessing an elegance of its own stone tiles is available in a number of natural forms like granite, sandstone, granite etc.
Getting hold of the right kind of flooring that acts as a perfect complement to your interiors can prove to be a difficult task. But then a little help from experts can be of help. Let your interiors breathe like never before!

Newly Wedded Couple – Home Decor Tip for Newly Wedded Couple

You are standing on the verge of starting a new life with your spouse. A new home, a new life and new decor. It all may seem nice and dandy. But it becomes quite a tricky task when you are designing it with your spouse. Your home should reflect the thoughts of both of you.

Your home will be the speaker of your choices. So, when you are decorating your home you need to think in the line so that not only the decor keeps up with the choice of yours but also can make your significant half feel that you have been attentive towards her/his choice.

When you are going to ask the interior decorators for the affordable interior design in Kolkata share the ideas and they will make your dream home come true.

Small Bedroom Ideas

Living Room :-

A living room is the focal point of any home. It is obvious that there will be throng of guests after your wedding. Let them feel the warmth of your home. Opt for a good sofa in the living area for your guests. A small coffee table will break the monotony as well. Keep it simple by choosing the neutral colours for your living room. White, beige, blush pink, light blue or off white is perfect for your living room.

Bedroom :-

It is the most important area for any newly wedded couple. You are going to spend most of your intimate hours in the bedroom. So, it is necessary for you to let your partner feel the romance and warmth of your love. Add a bit mystery in your home decor with the light. Play with the colours and silk curtains. It will surely portray you as the most romantic and thoughtful partner.

Incorporate these ideas while designing the interior of your home. Make the home of bricks and walls your nest.

Turn your dream of the perfect home to reality

A home is a mirror of the dweller’s choice and class. It should have an individuality of its own. A proper interior designing from one of the professional will surely help you achieve this purpose.

The emergence of interior designing :-
A home is a place that stands as a sanctuary after a tiringday day. This is definitely the basic function of a home. The home also happens to be a place where one feels comfortable to the core, and try to decorate it such that it reflects one’s identity. At present, having a beautifully decorated home helps you go a long way. The home is not just the place one lives in , but also shows the taste of the individuals it accommodates. Thus, interior designers are gaining importance, even in case of designing residential spaces.

Decoration near your Garden

How to choose the perfect interior designer :-
The general trend while choosing any service is that of going to the most reputed service provider. This can get you good results, but it is certainly not the assurance of the most efficient service at all times. Before choosing the interior designer for your dream home, do consider the following points –

•    Individuality Check out the catalogue, every interior designer or interior designing firm has one. See if you can find the designs completely different from the rest, after all, you have an individuality, so your home must have it as well.
•    Understanding of your idea The interior designer is not designing a home for himself; he is designing it for you. So, he must get a good idea of what you want and how would you like it to be. He most certainly will give his own inputs, but he should be patient enough to understand your ideas as well and also should be able to mould them to professional standard.

Dinner Room

•    Past work Try to check out the past works of the designer. Some of the works must be within the city, try checking them out in person.
•    Rate The rate being charged for the work is very important. If you are looking for affordable interior design in Kolkata check out the Kolkata interior designer websites and get the quotation from a few of them. See who is going to fit your budget.

Homes are created once in a lifetime. So when you are looking for affordable interior design in Kolkata also make sure you are not compromising in the quality.

Who why and when of commercial space designing

Commercial space designing involves planning and creating designs for any commercial space. It can be a retail outlet or a business establishment or any other space being used for commercial purpose. If you have a space in Kolkata, there are a number of commercial interior designing firms Kolkata who can come in handy.

Bedroom Style

Why do you need the help of a commercial interior designer?

As is with fashion, so is with your business establishment or commercial space, you need to change the design and modify it in order to keep up with the changing fashion. While many think this as an additional cost which does not directly affect the business in any way, this is certainly a grave misconception. The general consumers are being bombarded with visually attractive and sleek and intelligent space designs at every other commercial space. To create an impact and make your brand image really strong in the mind of these consumers it is essential that you set yourself different from the rest. Even Kolkata has undergone huge change in the past few years. The growth of the commercial interior designing firms Kolkata bears proof to the increasing demand of these designers.


When should you hire a commercial interior designer?

Whenever you are going to set up a new business space, or whenever you are thinking about revamping the look of the business space. The commercial interior designers come into consideration. Interior designing for the commercial space does not only involve making the space look good and putting enough branding around the space. It involves considering the lights available and the placement of reflective surfaces at appropriate locations. In case of a retail outlet it also involves placing the right product at the right place which will facilitate the sales.

Who should you hire to do your commercial space designing?

The big question is who you should hire. If you are setting up the business within Kolkata you will find a large number of commercial interior designing firms Kolkata all of whom will claim to be the finest in the city. The best way to judge the expertise will be by paying a physical visit to the places these commercial interior designing firms Kolkata have designed over the years. On the other hand client testimonials will give a good idea. The budget available at the end will help you zero in on the perfect firm.

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The series of Dos before initiating an elaborate interior designing affair

If one is looking forward to designing some space belonging to them then the first and foremost requirement they will have will be of a reputed interior design company in Kolkata. They will depute an experienced designer at your service and who will take care of the nitty-gritty of the affair well.

Affordable interior design- Style Spa Interior

The principal job of an interior designer happens to be renovating, planning, designing, furnishing and decorating a space.  It can be both a residential and a commercial space but the designer with the magic touch transforms it to an all new avatar. It is better to start the search with a reputed interior design company in Kolkata and they will just provide you with one of the most talented and experienced interior designer who will take up the entire ordeal in a graceful way and will give you enough reason to be satisfied with the final output. There are certain considerations to be made while you are looking for an interior designer. Here is a brief on them to guide you to a successful endeavour.
Style Home Design

  • The first and foremost point to make yourself clear about the marked differences between a designer and a decorator. The job of a decorator happens to be changing the aesthetics of a space by rearranging the set up of a space.  There is no need of having any architectural alterations in it.  On the other hand, a designer has the skill and the ability to change the entire settings along with the structure of the space.  Knowing these differences precisely will help you as an individual to a great extent to find out the right choice in terms of an interior designing company in Kolkata.

Interior Decoration

  • Secondly, it is important that as a client you should gain some basic knowledge on the interior designing affair.   If you can generate some ideas on your own then it will be a wonderful idea no doubt.  This will help the designer to have a precise idea about your true desire regarding the space.
  • Thirdly, one must set the budget at the initial stage, so that there should not be any hassle afterwards of exceeding the budget.
  • Lastly, it is very important that an in-depth discussion is being initiated with the designer before the project actually commences. This will also help greatly to cut off many an unwanted disorders and discrepancies.

A few basic yet useful tips for the perfect interior design

If you have shifted to your new home recently then the first thing that must be cropping up in your mind is to decorate the home in a stylish and elegant way so that it can gain many an appreciative glances. In order to establish your desire in a big way you can plunge into an amateurish designing spree or can take the service from a reputed interior design company in Kolkata.

Style Spa Interior Design Solution

Designing your home in a unique way tend to be the greatest desire of all the home owners and hence they device various plans to accomplish the dream design for their sweet home. There are many who plunge into the spree on their own and take the initiatives quite enthusiastically. There are also the ones who take the help of an interior design company in Kolkata.  It is indeed a great idea to look for a reputed interior design service provider. They will depute a talented and experienced designer at your service and he or she will do the best to enrich your experience.

Here are few tips to make the interior designing itinerary to be a cherishing one.

If the space is apparently smaller then it tends to look cramped to some extent.  In order to prevent such a problem one must paint the space using light and soft hues. They will make the space appear bigger and more spacious. Alongside, one can even resort to using mirrors that will create a kind of optical illusion in the space.

Online Home Design Solution

Another great tactics to make a small room appear larger is by implementing the concept of large windows that will allow light aplenty to prevail in the space. This will offer a larger dimension to the space. This decision although needs to be incorporated while the architectural blue print of the house is being planned.

The idea of going green is also a good idea to be incorporated while designing your home. Placing potted plants here and there will just change the entire settings of the home.  They act as a kind of accessories and add up an element of colour and texture to the space. They also make way to an eco friendly lifestyle and play an important role in keeping the inmates fit and healthy.

Mix n match the different patterns in order to accentuate the space with a unique elegance and make the space look vibrant and graceful.

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Five Great Ways of Interior Decoration on a Budget

What is interior decorating?

The art of interior decorating refers to the furnishing and decorating of the interior spaces of the offices, homes, schools and public spaces. It primarily deals with the aspects regarding colour, lighting, texture, paint and furniture including the placement of flooring, fabrics, windows and accessories. The interior decorator is in charge of applying or updating the style and design of the interior of the space.


With changing time many homeowners express a strong desire to renovate their home and to work with the interior decoration companies. But these thoughts and desires are hardly realised because they scared or have heard about mishaps that have happened to various people they know. But, the truth is that affordable interior decoration options are available in abundance. For example, those homeowners residing in Kolkata can Google various interior decoration companies in Kolkata and choose the one that suits their needs and budgets.

All those stories about the mishaps of the interior decoration plans must be taken as a fair warning against partnering up low quality and unskilled decorators. The latest firms are great at working out the best possible plan within a budget. If the homeowners are still feeling hesitant here is a guideline they can follow to get the most of the professional help –

1) Visit various online design and decoration advice websites :-

This might turn out to be haphazard but the cost will be minimal. These websites require proper room measurements along with photographs of it. They also provide the customers with a detailed questionnaire which allows the designers and decorators working with the website to understand the basic needs and requirements of the customers. They often send back a floor plan and at times they even provide the colour schemes and suggestions.

2) Use the available free decoration advice from the retail stores :-

All large designing firms have a complementary service for their probable customers. This advice is free for the customers while the designers might gain a good amount of commission for every item they sell. They will always provide the customers with plans which include more than 5-6 items from their collection which are essential for the renovation. It is advisable for the customers to be aware as it might force them to end up paying more than necessary.

3) Hiring an interior decorator :-

If the homeowners are very tight on budget and do not require full-fledged renovation they can hire a professional by hour. They will suggest the basic ideas on the furniture, the colour schemes and lighting. The rest can be completed by the homeowners themselves. It is better to have all the questions sorted out and planned before hand as it will save time and money.

4) Visiting an interior designing or decorating firm :-

Residents of all the major cities can easily go and talk to the designer firm near them. They have endless ideas and resources to fuel the needs of the customer.

5) DIYs :-

There are various things that the homeowner can experiment with. Hanging new pictures and doing some stitch wok will help change the look of the room .

Qualities of a good interior designer in Kolkata

If you have moved into your new home, and does not have any clue about how the decoration might be, you can choose to hire an interior designer who can beautify the walls of your home. You might also feel like renovating the interiors of your home, or decorate them accordingly.

Selecting a good decorator for your home is essential, especially if you have new visitors every month of the year. It is a necessity. There is a misconception that home decorators and home designers are similar. They are not the same. They have different work activities and responsibilities. A design takes into consideration, the architectural aspect of the place. Instead a decorator is more concerned with the decorative stuff they need to put up on the wall and where to place various objects like your furniture.

Style Spa Decorating

A home interior decorator in Kolkata is the one who makes your home look beautiful and attractive. Interior decoration can enlighten your mood. A home decorator is only responsible for taking care of things like where your furniture, curtains or lamp shades should go. Rather than trying to make things happen through a DIY, one can consider having a professional take a look at the interiors of your home. You should also choose if the designer is reputed. They should also be affordable and should fit your budget. A skilled decorator always keeps an eye out for providing you with a beautiful space that is well decorated.


Interior designers should also keep themselves updated with the latest trends in interior decoration. Look into the home designer network. Word of mouth has been yet another good advertising technique. You could also get in touch with the local contractors and tell them your requirements. Communicate with designers at every step of your work with the customer. This will help you stay on the same page with your customers.

Why hire affordable interior designers in Kolkata?

Gone are the days when interior designers were employed only by the rich and the famous. Firms providing affordable interior design in Kolkata are making even the most moderate apartments look like a million dollar.

Gone are the days when interior design was thought to be the sole prerogative of only the rich and the famous. Affordable interior design in Kolkata are availed by a surprisingly large section of middle class household, who have the means and the aspiration to make their home look a million dollars. The new mantra of interior design is that it does not matter how big or small your home is, it should be planned and decorated in such a way that it makes you live comfortably with style. A large number of interior design firms in Kolkata are offering services to clientele of all budget ranges. Their popularity is continuously on the rise.

affordable design

These days, interior designing your home begins even before it exists. More housing project development firms hire interior design consultants at the very beginning of its project. This actually saves trouble later on since space management is taken care of right at the beginning. The moderate size of ownership flats these days make meticulous and intelligent usage of space an absolute necessity. However, even after the flat is ready, you may need an interior designer to decorate and design your flat to give it the spectacular look you are aspiring for.

An interior designer would first and foremost try to create an illusion of space even within a small and moderately sized interior. This is usually done through a careful choice of wall colours, lighting appliances, and arrangement of furniture. Secondly, come the important part of decoration that actually uplifts your dwelling space. This is done through choice of furniture fittings, door knobs, cabinets and wardrobes. Finally decorative items and wall hangings are chosen to finish it off. The taste of the owner is usually reflected in the designs. Once ignored, bathrooms and kitchen receive special attention from designers these days. Firms delivering affordable interior design in Kolkata provide precisely these services. They are dedicated to make your home look plush and beautiful that you can proudly display to your family and friends.