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The Secrets Of Having A Perfect Modular Kitchen For Your Home



The thought of entering a Kitchen in this season of tremendous swelter in Kolkata, horrifies us atleast for a moment. The droplets of sweat dripping from the corners of the forehead and spinal back of your body, gets into your imagination. Along with this, the anticipation of claustrophobic discomfort, generally faced in ordinary kitchens, makes you feel reluctant and lazy to start cooking. However, the fact remains that they are most used places by our homemakers. Keeping the essentiality in mind, the Home Decorators of Kolkata are all set to get rid of this scariness associated with the cooking spaces. With the services to design modular kitchens, the decorators have vowed to make culinary chores of homemakers and the ‘sometimers’ easier to the extent that they may start enjoying entering the dreaded spaces. Continue reading

Top Furniture Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Well, whenever you are thinking of redecorating your old house or planning for your new house’s interior, think about various home interior decorators in Kolkata who are very efficient at their work and provide affordable interior design in Kolkata.

However, you can’t afford to miss your kids’ room. Kids always like to have their own decorated according to their feel. Generally girls wish for dollhouse themed or floral themed room and boys want to have their bunkhouse/wall designed.


Age of the Kid : –

Make sure your interior decorator designs the room according to the age of the kid. The room of a toddler would be completely different from that of a teenager. If your kid is early teens you can use some cartoon posters to decorate your kid’s room. But teenagers have their own taste and prefer rock star or famous person’s posters for their room.

Room for Children

Light & Colors : –

Kids love colors so choose vibrant colours for their room. You can opt for contrasting beddings for a different look. Be it for studying or entertaining purpose; lighting of a room is an important aspect for a kid’s room. You should provide table lamps, pendant lights and night bulbs for the kid’s room.

Furniture : –
Get light toned, natural wooden furniture which matches up with both hot and cool weather. You can use multipurpose furniture like loft beds, storage cabinets. They not only look good, but also offer great storage space. For your child’s room get rocking chairs, abstract wall décor, bunker beds, sofa beds, etc.


However, their basic necessities for your kids stay the same. You will need a bed, desk table with the space to keep computer, comfortable chair and some recreational space as well for your kids’ room decoration. Before your purchase some furniture or planning for your child’s room’s recordation, have a talk with him/her. It will be easier if you know the particulars. You can never go wrong with long-lasting furniture items that have been used by people over the years.

Who why and when of commercial space designing

Commercial space designing involves planning and creating designs for any commercial space. It can be a retail outlet or a business establishment or any other space being used for commercial purpose. If you have a space in Kolkata, there are a number of commercial interior designing firms Kolkata who can come in handy.

Bedroom Style

Why do you need the help of a commercial interior designer?

As is with fashion, so is with your business establishment or commercial space, you need to change the design and modify it in order to keep up with the changing fashion. While many think this as an additional cost which does not directly affect the business in any way, this is certainly a grave misconception. The general consumers are being bombarded with visually attractive and sleek and intelligent space designs at every other commercial space. To create an impact and make your brand image really strong in the mind of these consumers it is essential that you set yourself different from the rest. Even Kolkata has undergone huge change in the past few years. The growth of the commercial interior designing firms Kolkata bears proof to the increasing demand of these designers.


When should you hire a commercial interior designer?

Whenever you are going to set up a new business space, or whenever you are thinking about revamping the look of the business space. The commercial interior designers come into consideration. Interior designing for the commercial space does not only involve making the space look good and putting enough branding around the space. It involves considering the lights available and the placement of reflective surfaces at appropriate locations. In case of a retail outlet it also involves placing the right product at the right place which will facilitate the sales.

Who should you hire to do your commercial space designing?

The big question is who you should hire. If you are setting up the business within Kolkata you will find a large number of commercial interior designing firms Kolkata all of whom will claim to be the finest in the city. The best way to judge the expertise will be by paying a physical visit to the places these commercial interior designing firms Kolkata have designed over the years. On the other hand client testimonials will give a good idea. The budget available at the end will help you zero in on the perfect firm.

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Innovative Rooftop Bedroom Design Ideas for You

Rooftop bedroom designs can be tricky. On one hand you have limited space, on the other you need to put tricky ideas. For the designing of rooftop bedroom you will find some tips in the article below.

Bedroom Interior Design

The metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi it is difficult to find place to live. The population is ever growing and simultaneously the demand of space is increasing with every day. Now it is becoming hard to find a proper space to live and especially when you have limited budget. When you are living in a home with your other family members, you often suffer from the problem of lack of privacy. In such case, you can turn the rooftop small room in your bedroom. You just need to put a little thought and a few tricks that will make your attic in a room that will make others feel envious of you. Interior decoration in Kolkata or in any metropolitan city is not that difficult when you can contact the interior decoration firms.

Design of Boodroom

Use Space Trickily :-
If it is an attic, then it has to be a limited space. So, it requires you to use the space trickily. What you can do is incorporate as much multipurpose furniture as you can. Shun your face on separate furniture and place a cabinet that will not only contain your collection of books but also your play station or your television as well.

Bedroom Design with light

Invest in a Storage Bed :-
Storage beds are wise idea as they are capable of hiding all the clutter inside them. If you are thinking of making your small room a clean and functional one, then a storage bed will be your best friend.

Baby Room - style spa

Use Natural Light :-
If you are going to live in your attic or rooftop, it is obvious that you are surrounded with a throng of natural light. Use it trickily. Hang the curtains that are easy breezy. Use as much glass in window and door as you can. You can also spend on glass to make a half of the roof of the room. It will give your room a feeling of deck room. It will be pleasant in the night too. But if you live in an area too hot, then it is not a good idea to use glass as your rooftop. The benefit of this glass is it will fill your room with natural light for the whole day.

Use Greenery :-
Using a little greenery will give a fresh as well as rejuvenated look in your room. Don’t hesitate to place a potted plant in your room.

Your room will become the talking point amongst your friends and visitors. If you are living in Kolkata, you can always consult the respective interior decoration firm who will help you out with these tricks and better ideas.

Design the Interior of your Living Room in Affordable Price

Interior designing can become a little tricky when you have a limited budget. Living room design needs a lot of precision as this is a focal area of your home. To know more about the design of living room, take a look of the Blog.

After shifting recently in a metropolitan city like Kolkata it is natural that you won’t have a lot of money left in your bank account. It is obvious that the whole shifting thing, buying new home and arranging everything must have taken a toll on your pocket. Now probably the thought of designing your room in a new way must be daunting. Especially if you have a limited budget it becomes more than difficult.


If you are in such a situation then you are at the right place. In my long career of interior design in Kolkata I have come across many people who have been in same situation. Budget is not a big problem if you have a right planning and vision. How you can make it easier? Take a look.

Focus :-
To create an impression in the mind of the onlookers you don’t need to have a big budget. Just focus on one area at a time. If you want to fetch eyeball by playing with light, don’t create the other points more attractive that can divert the attention of the guests. If you have a fetish of antic furniture but don’t have the budget, you can think about adding an antic bookshelf or a centre table. The main point is, don’t divert the attention of the onlookers by creating many focal points in the room.

Style Spa interior Master Bed Room
Accessorize :-
It is another easy thing to make your room beautiful. Accessories can make a room look brighter and fresh even if the furniture creates a dull look. Think about adding a crystal pot full of flower petals floating in water. It can light up any dull evening. Adding a potted plant can give your room a fresh look. You can use easy breezy drapes as the curtains. On a sunny morning or a rainy afternoon, these curtains will make your room look cosy. Fill up the blank wall with one statement photograph and your guests will admire that.

Space :-
Avoid splurging on a huge couch. You can opt for a fluffy mattress and cosy cushions for your living room. They will come in your budget. They will also give your room a modern yet warm feel. You can play with the colours of the cushion covers.

There are many firms who will be able to help you out if you want affordable interior design in Kolkata. Share these ideas with them. It is always fun to design your dream home.

A few basic yet useful tips for the perfect interior design

If you have shifted to your new home recently then the first thing that must be cropping up in your mind is to decorate the home in a stylish and elegant way so that it can gain many an appreciative glances. In order to establish your desire in a big way you can plunge into an amateurish designing spree or can take the service from a reputed interior design company in Kolkata.

Style Spa Interior Design Solution

Designing your home in a unique way tend to be the greatest desire of all the home owners and hence they device various plans to accomplish the dream design for their sweet home. There are many who plunge into the spree on their own and take the initiatives quite enthusiastically. There are also the ones who take the help of an interior design company in Kolkata.  It is indeed a great idea to look for a reputed interior design service provider. They will depute a talented and experienced designer at your service and he or she will do the best to enrich your experience.

Here are few tips to make the interior designing itinerary to be a cherishing one.

If the space is apparently smaller then it tends to look cramped to some extent.  In order to prevent such a problem one must paint the space using light and soft hues. They will make the space appear bigger and more spacious. Alongside, one can even resort to using mirrors that will create a kind of optical illusion in the space.

Online Home Design Solution

Another great tactics to make a small room appear larger is by implementing the concept of large windows that will allow light aplenty to prevail in the space. This will offer a larger dimension to the space. This decision although needs to be incorporated while the architectural blue print of the house is being planned.

The idea of going green is also a good idea to be incorporated while designing your home. Placing potted plants here and there will just change the entire settings of the home.  They act as a kind of accessories and add up an element of colour and texture to the space. They also make way to an eco friendly lifestyle and play an important role in keeping the inmates fit and healthy.

Mix n match the different patterns in order to accentuate the space with a unique elegance and make the space look vibrant and graceful.

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Qualities of a good interior designer in Kolkata

If you have moved into your new home, and does not have any clue about how the decoration might be, you can choose to hire an interior designer who can beautify the walls of your home. You might also feel like renovating the interiors of your home, or decorate them accordingly.

Selecting a good decorator for your home is essential, especially if you have new visitors every month of the year. It is a necessity. There is a misconception that home decorators and home designers are similar. They are not the same. They have different work activities and responsibilities. A design takes into consideration, the architectural aspect of the place. Instead a decorator is more concerned with the decorative stuff they need to put up on the wall and where to place various objects like your furniture.

Style Spa Decorating

A home interior decorator in Kolkata is the one who makes your home look beautiful and attractive. Interior decoration can enlighten your mood. A home decorator is only responsible for taking care of things like where your furniture, curtains or lamp shades should go. Rather than trying to make things happen through a DIY, one can consider having a professional take a look at the interiors of your home. You should also choose if the designer is reputed. They should also be affordable and should fit your budget. A skilled decorator always keeps an eye out for providing you with a beautiful space that is well decorated.


Interior designers should also keep themselves updated with the latest trends in interior decoration. Look into the home designer network. Word of mouth has been yet another good advertising technique. You could also get in touch with the local contractors and tell them your requirements. Communicate with designers at every step of your work with the customer. This will help you stay on the same page with your customers.