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Top Five Crucial Vastu Tips for Happy New Homes


“There is nothing more important

than a good, safe, secure home.”

These were the words of an erstwhile wise first lady of USA Rosalynn Carter. The words were quite simple yet very efficacious and true. A home is a place where people, not only dwell but re-energise themselves to face the challenges of the outer world. If there is some shortcoming in any aspect of your residence, the life becomes quite a hell.To be precise, the home is a pillar of your strength that influences us to move forward in a certain way in the path of life. It is really essential to incorporate the science of Vastu for interior decoration for it is said that every house has its own energy based on construction. These vibes affect the mental and physical balance of a person.


The Significance of Vastu in Houses:

The ‘science of architecture’ or the Vastu Shastra is a source of ultimate happiness in your dwellings as it optimises the five elements of nature or Panchmahabhoots through laws of directions. As per the science, geometrical features of a space affect the intensity and nature of integration of it with the cosmic and natural forces. These elements or forces may prove to be favourable or detrimental to human lives according to their implementation.

The Essential Aspects of Home Vastu:


  1. The inception of any work is the most important moment of it, since it is the greatest deciding factor of how the future would be. Similarly, the beginning of the construction of a house is the most crucial moment since it lays the foundation and on which the building would stand. Worshipping the land or Bhumi Puja is a ritual that you need to observe before the work starts, to invite auspiciousness in the proceedings and have a brighter future.

  1. The main door or the entrance gives the first impression of your home and so its position is definitely a matter to think upon. As per Vastu Shastra, the main door is the point which symbolises the starting point of a house and so it should act as gateway to the flow of positivity inside the abode. The main entrance should be made from the East, North-East, and North side to make things work. Also, says that all the doors should open inwards and the joints should not be noisy.

  1. The designing of rooms is another vital aspect of Vastu that needs to be looked after. The doctrine says that the South-East is the most conducive corner to a Kitchen’s design. At least, the main heat generating equipment should lie in the South-East and the cooking should be done facing the East or North. You should avoid planning a Kitchen near the main door or toilet. The master bedroom should be East-facing and washrooms should be in the North-West corner and if not possible, in the South-East direction.

  1. There must be a provision of an open space in the middle of the house where light rays can enter. This along with windows and balcony are indispensable for the element of air inside your residence. Also, Vastu placement or presence of a water body, as well as, drainage towards the North-East.

  1. There are a lot of home decorators in Kolkata and elsewhere who provide Vastu Shastra infused interior decorations. They would also suggest choosing the wall colours as per the purpose of the rooms. If a space is meant for complete relaxation, do not go for darker hues, since that may invite anxiety or fear. However, places like dining enclosures may be painted in dark shades like red to stimulate feelings of excitement like hunger. The Vastu also prescribes the walls to be rectangular or square to ensure stability and security.

Designing Ideas for a Small Living Room that can change the look of your Home

Probably you have spent days or weeks to find a right place to live in the heart of the metropolitan city. It feels enough that finally you have found the small place to live in. But it becomes difficult when you think of decorating it. Smaller living places become difficult to design and decorate even more than the huge apartments. That is why often in my long career of interior decoration I have found many clients who have come to seek our help for designing their small apartments.

If you are in such predicament you are absolutely at the right place. Here are a few tips that can be useful for you in designing your small apartment.

Designing Ideas for a Small Living Room

Let Light Come In and Play:-

Make sure that the room has enough light. Use the big windows. They can make your room look bigger and brighter. If the windows are not big enough then you can surely make it appear as bigger. Try to hang the window rods a little higher than the window pane. Use clear white glass in the window as it will make the place look roomy. If the place is small, place a mirror just in the opposite wall of the window that will reflect the light in the room. It will give an illusion of bigger space.

Give Some Metallic Effect:-

Sprinkle some metallic effect in the décor of the room. It can be the window frame. It also can be lamp shades or curtains. Metal tone makes rooms look glamorous.

Use Corners Wisely:-

Corners are useful in the case of small-home. Place a corner bookshelf or a bean bag in the room. It will let you use the space as well as give a welcoming feel to the room.

There are many interior decoration companies in Kolkata who can lend their hand to you. Get it right and make a great impression with the interior design of your small nest.

Tips to make your Showroom a Stunning One

You must be thinking while setting up a showroom that it is your product that will attract buyers and customers. But do you know that it is the décor of your showroom that will also attract more consumers too. The décor of your showroom reflects the professionalism as well as your classy choice of décor.

While you are handing over the contract of decorating to some reputed commercial interior decoration firm keep these points in your mind.

Commercial interior decoration firmInvite your Customer :-

A customer will step inside your store only when he/she will feel welcome. Create an environment that will invite the customer inside your store. Provide them a comfortable environment that will let them feel welcome. In fact shopping becomes fun for any shopper if they feel comfortable with the environment of showroom. Incorporate bright colours and accessories in the décor of your store that will create a signature and warm look.

Focus :-

The eyes of the onlookers can take only a little detail at a time. So, avoid clutter the look of the showroom. Rather concentrate on minor detail that can make your store look unique. Add up details that will create a signature look. Express what you are offering through the design of your store.

Send a Message :-

Establishing a business is all about the message that you want to convey through your brand. Let the design of your store do the talking behalf of you. Let the design tell what you want to express, what the consumers can look forward to while they are entering in your store.

Share these thoughts with the commercial interior decoration firm and design a store that people will love to explore.

Amazing Tips to Decorate Your House

A number of people have natural instinctive for decorating or designing. And, there are also people who don’t have much of a talent for design. For those a few basic decorating techniques can go a long way. I’m going to discuss few decorating tips and tricks that are simple enough. Your home might look more fresh & presentable. Well, if you don’t have enough time to experience the decorating procedure yourself, you can think about interior decorators of Kolkata. There so many interior decorators, designers around the city. Settle on what you want, do your research and consider the few top interior designers Kolkata.

Know the focal spot of the living room or bedroom. If there is no built in focal point you can do it yourself by painting one wall in absolute different colour or using artworks, using bookshelf and more. Focal point is the most emphasized feature and anything around the focal point compliments it. You can consider huge artwork or a mirror that can be placed on that particular area.

Interior Decorators Kolkata

When it comes to placing rugs, hanging curtains or arranging furniture, make sure you know the specific measurements for decorating that make a room seem enhanced. For wall painting, stick to nude or neutral shades and for bedding and quilts you can opt for contrasting bright colours.

If your room or house has unconstructed area, then make the most out of it. You can place a contemporary designed coffee table, get a book shelf or consider abstract art works as well.

When it comes about lighting, make sure you are layering the lighting. Opt for ambient/general lighting for overhead lighting. It can illuminate a room evenly. You can get accent lights to highlight a particular area or object. Different types of lights can add more dimension to your house.

Do You Want To Make Your Master Bedroom Unique?

Your life has been so hectic lately that you have barely had time to sit down and think about giving makeover to your master bedroom. You must have been thinking about some affordable ways to change your master bedroom, isn’t it so? Well, there are so many home interior decorators in Kolkata that are professional and affordable.

If you have time and proper resources you can think about giving renovation to your bedroom by yourself too. Let’s have a look on the following list of things which can be considered while decorating.

We all have Spaces and Houses that we wish to get done in the best possible way
•    Make sure you are using curtain drapes behind your bed as a key feature; curtains can add a warm soothing feel to your room.

•    Get decorative Chinese paper lantern, lamp shades as a hanging light fixture.

•    If possible then you can create your own artwork. Frame interesting abstract photos, anything interests you. Hang them on an empty wall to change the whole look. you can always make a collage with your photos and place them in your wall to bring back happy memories.

•    Try to stick to neutral decor when it comes to paint on your wall and furniture. You can always ass emphasis later on.

•    Get some bold colored pillows, cushions for your neutral colored bedding. It can make you feel vibrant from inside. Think about changing your bedding layout by mixing and matching different sets.

home interior decorators in Kolkata

•    Indoor trees make the ceiling of the room look higher and your room can appear larger. Try to get trees that don’t need much water or maintenance. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some flowers.

•    Move furniture and other things around your home. Grab all of the accessories from around your house, put them on the table and after that put them all back in an unusual place.

•    If your budget suits get some different rugs, they can always change the look and feel of the room and are great to curl up under in winter. Floor rugs are also a great way to transform a room. You don’t have to buy the expensive ones, some low-priced alternatives can do the needful.

•    Choose ceramic tile as flooring surfaces. It will reflect light back into the room rather than carpets, which will absorb the light. You can use mirrors throughout your room in order to reflect light back into the room and create the illusion of more space within the room.

There are a number of bedroom decorating ideas that can be integrated in the design of your room. Before you start looking for decorating ideas nevertheless, it is advisable to take notes of your own preferences firstly. Make sure you are considering the various needs, functionality and functions while decorating your master bedroom. In addition, you can always consider Stylespa Interior who is one of the eminent names in master bedroom interior designers in Kolkata.

Newly Wedded Couple – Home Decor Tip for Newly Wedded Couple

You are standing on the verge of starting a new life with your spouse. A new home, a new life and new decor. It all may seem nice and dandy. But it becomes quite a tricky task when you are designing it with your spouse. Your home should reflect the thoughts of both of you.

Your home will be the speaker of your choices. So, when you are decorating your home you need to think in the line so that not only the decor keeps up with the choice of yours but also can make your significant half feel that you have been attentive towards her/his choice.

When you are going to ask the interior decorators for the affordable interior design in Kolkata share the ideas and they will make your dream home come true.

Small Bedroom Ideas

Living Room :-

A living room is the focal point of any home. It is obvious that there will be throng of guests after your wedding. Let them feel the warmth of your home. Opt for a good sofa in the living area for your guests. A small coffee table will break the monotony as well. Keep it simple by choosing the neutral colours for your living room. White, beige, blush pink, light blue or off white is perfect for your living room.

Bedroom :-

It is the most important area for any newly wedded couple. You are going to spend most of your intimate hours in the bedroom. So, it is necessary for you to let your partner feel the romance and warmth of your love. Add a bit mystery in your home decor with the light. Play with the colours and silk curtains. It will surely portray you as the most romantic and thoughtful partner.

Incorporate these ideas while designing the interior of your home. Make the home of bricks and walls your nest.

Spruce up Your Space with Contemporary Home Renovation

Who doesn’t want to transform frumpy and lifeless homes to an attractive, cozy, quaint and bright? Everybody has their own state of a mind and freedom to transform the interior of the house according to the dreams! Here are some of the interior design solutions ideas which can be very helpful to provide a new look to your very own space and make your dream home come true!

Interior design solutions

Here I am going to tell you about some of the basic ideas which are great inspiration for those who are renovating a home.

1. If you want to bring a major change to your bedroom or any room, add a dash of colour! It can bring a major alteration in the whole settings.

2. One can even go for a theme décor to maintain the consistency of the interior decoration. A blend of different shades and contrast colors can create amazing combination.

3. Transform the entire ambiance with great yet subtle choice of accessories.

4. The colour of the accessories and furnishings should match well to the wall paint or theme. Mismatched decor tend to look disorganized and cluttered.

5. To ensure privacy, opt for the decorative films, curtains for windows. These are an affordable yet sophisticate option. Curtains can filter the natural light and at the same time beautify the space in a unique way.

6. Place the mirrors at strategic points. Mirrors look elegant on a space and make it appear bigger. According to vastu, it is advisable to avoid mirrors in front of your bed.

7.  While pastel shades imply more of a professional approach, you can opt for great contrast colors with the colour of furniture and fixture, furnishings and accessories.

8. The next important element is the lighting arrangement. It is better to use soft but bright lights but it should not be harsh or glaring at any cost.

9.   For a classic yet contemporary feel one can opt for oak or pine furniture. They should be simple and trendy and never too large.

How to Design an Elder Friendly Bedroom

In a country like India we live with our family and loved ones. When we are building a home we should think about the near and dear ones too. Since the elders of our family are our responsibility too we need to make a home that will be convenient for them too. When you are designing your home you not only need to think creatively but also practically. There are many a tricks that you need to incorporate in your home designing. Interior designing companies in Kolkata are coming up with such practical designs.

Interior Designer

Location :-

Location is the most important thing in designing the room for the elders. The room should be somewhere accessible. The most important thing you need to consider is safety. The door should be wide enough so that a wheelchair and a walker can pass through it. Attach a doorknob that is lever styled. It is easy to grip the handle and safe to use. The bathroom should be there adjacent and safe. The interior of the bathroom also should be safe enough for them to use. A safety grip is necessary for them in the room. The colour and the light of the room should be of bright so that they don’t find it difficult to find the way in dark.

Practical Furnishing and Decor :-

In designing the room you need to think practically. More than an elaborate bed, a comfortable knee height bed and a plush mattress is quite necessary. Avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room. It will not only add to the clutter but also make the room accident prone. Add a nightstand and a dimmer near the bed. At night it will be easier for them switch the light on. Place a cordless phone or a bell that will be accessible for them.

Flooring :-

You need to be careful about the flooring too. Avoid using area rug in the room. It will increase the chances of tripping in the room. It is a better idea to use the wall to wall carpet in the room. Fix any dips and rise on the floor of the room.

Look for affordable interior design in Kolkata that will make the whole design practical and trendy.

Top Furniture Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Well, whenever you are thinking of redecorating your old house or planning for your new house’s interior, think about various home interior decorators in Kolkata who are very efficient at their work and provide affordable interior design in Kolkata.

However, you can’t afford to miss your kids’ room. Kids always like to have their own decorated according to their feel. Generally girls wish for dollhouse themed or floral themed room and boys want to have their bunkhouse/wall designed.


Age of the Kid : –

Make sure your interior decorator designs the room according to the age of the kid. The room of a toddler would be completely different from that of a teenager. If your kid is early teens you can use some cartoon posters to decorate your kid’s room. But teenagers have their own taste and prefer rock star or famous person’s posters for their room.

Room for Children

Light & Colors : –

Kids love colors so choose vibrant colours for their room. You can opt for contrasting beddings for a different look. Be it for studying or entertaining purpose; lighting of a room is an important aspect for a kid’s room. You should provide table lamps, pendant lights and night bulbs for the kid’s room.

Furniture : –
Get light toned, natural wooden furniture which matches up with both hot and cool weather. You can use multipurpose furniture like loft beds, storage cabinets. They not only look good, but also offer great storage space. For your child’s room get rocking chairs, abstract wall décor, bunker beds, sofa beds, etc.


However, their basic necessities for your kids stay the same. You will need a bed, desk table with the space to keep computer, comfortable chair and some recreational space as well for your kids’ room decoration. Before your purchase some furniture or planning for your child’s room’s recordation, have a talk with him/her. It will be easier if you know the particulars. You can never go wrong with long-lasting furniture items that have been used by people over the years.

Top Five Ideas to Modify Your Bathroom! Relax, Rejuvenate & Refresh

If you’re remodeling or modifying your bathroom, make sure you are getting professional interior designing services. Designing small bathrooms can be a challenge, but with the right arrangement of equipment, colors, decor, surface patterns and lights, it’s expected to construct the vision of a much bigger space. There are a number of commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata, who provide bathroom interior designing services at a reasonable price.

Here are some tricks you can employ to make your bathroom seem more spacious and pleasant.


Change the theme & color :-

At first, pick a theme such as beach theme, water theme or something that matches your hobby. Choosing the color for your bathroom is a vital thing because changing the color of your bathroom will create a dramatic effect. As contrasting colors make the bathroom look smaller, choose colors which match with the tiles.

Purposeful Shelving & Accessories :-

Adding functional shelves and accessories to your bathroom can actually improve the overall change. Add accessories in a similar or contrasting color to your walls. As small bathrooms generally have limited space for flooring, you can use the corner or the unused are next to the window for shelves & decorations. Corner shelves maximize space even more. Add accessories such as towels, soap & tooth brush holders, plants, incense or potpourri and many more.


Shower Curtain & Fixtures :-

Replace the old shower curtain with a bright and vibrant curtain. Make sure the curtains are matched with the color, decor and theme of the bathroom. If affordable, you can replace the fixtures as well. Getting a new tap, cabinets are not a bad idea.

Lighting Can Go a Long Way :-

Make use of your bathroom’s natural light. If you want to provide yourself a secure screen, choose light colored curtains over dark colored curtains. Replace the dull yellowish ceiling lights with white and bright lights.

Decorate Carefully :-

You don’t have to decorate the small bathroom with too many things. A proper color, a nice-looking bathroom mirror, and a picture or green plants will be enough to create a functional, relaxing space. Try to avoid large posters, light fixtures, or anything huge.