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Curb Your Acoustic Needs with Stylized False Ceilings from the Finest

False Ceiling

The installation of false ceilings have received a great deal of hike in the recent times, but it is definitely not a new perception that has come up. False ceilings or suspended ceilings are generally grid structures that are suspended from the roof of a residential space with the help of grid systems that are light weight in nature. There is no denying the fact that false ceilings add on to the beauty of your residential space in a great way if chosen appropriately.

Lead benefits of getting false ceilings installed in your home

There are a number of benefits that can be derived from the use of a false ceiling in residential as well as work areas. Some of the most notable of them have been mentioned below:

  • In case of a damage inflicted on the ceiling, it is always easier to get a suspended ceiling renovated. It caters to your economical need in the best possible way. It is always cheaper to get a false ceiling renovated than getting a concrete one repaired.
  • You can easily collect the required parts of the ceilings during the time of its repair. This makes the process a lot less time consuming.
  • Speaking of suspended ceilings the best part is that you can always get to avail varieties galore in terms of the designs that you want. Unlike concrete ceilings this helps you select designs keeping the modernity intact.

Cons related to the usage of false ceilings

Like every coin has two sides to it, the usage of false ceilings too have a negative approach towards it:

  • There is a lot of maintenance that is required in case of suspended ceilings. Alike the wallpaper and painting that you place in your residential or work place you need to take the necessary amount of care required to keep the longevity of the product intact.
  • The height of your room is reduced to a great extent when you make the use of a suspended ceiling. Thus it is according to this that you need to rearrange the structure of your room at times.
  • When you think of the calamity resistance, false ceilings are actually not a good option at all. Severe earthquakes can easily pull down the entire ceiling if not strong enough.

Enterprises like Stylespa make it a point to give you the apt services that are required in case of a false ceiling installation. Beautify your home with breath-taking variety of ceilings to choose from!

Backyard Ideas to Add To the Heavenly Touch of Interior Decoration

“Great design starts with an idea”. To think of it, any form of interior design is actually incomplete without a proper idea being incorporated in it. Backyards are certainly an indispensable section when you think of an ideal hideaway right at your home.

There are times when we dream big about our houses, but the spaces we actually get to occupy is quite small. It is here that interior designing plays a vital role. The art of interior decoration is completely based on a designer’s ability to tactfully transform small spaces into some of the most alluring and comfortable ones. Continue reading

8 Latest Corporate Office Interior Design Overbearing the Year 2016

Currently, the trend is to amplify spaces for workers in a way to promote movement around the day. While many companies are already making this a habit, a lot of awareness is needed in implementing such a holistic approach at the workstation. Corporate office interior design advances on playing and making the most fruitful solutions of the corners, walls creatively. The investments on the infrastructural requirements have been maximised.
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Unveil The Prettiest Designs Of All!

In a world of frequent deceits, mirrors are the only pieces of objects that do not lie. They provide with a true reflection of what is outside. Apart from the philosophical point of view, mirrors are being used in a large scale as a part of the most exquisite forms of interior designs that have come up. Though seldom thought of, mirrors can actually do wonders when it comes to bringing about an entire variation in the look of your residential space.


  • Apart from enhancing the beauty of the interiors mirrors have a psychological effect on the mind of the residents. Some of the most intriguing functions of mirrors when they are placed with a room the below enlisted ones are the most vitals:
  • It helps entrap the surrounding light and hence brightens up the living space. The amount of light plays a significant role when it comes to highlighting the amount of space that you have. Dark rooms generally look way too congested.
  • Mirrors are a perfect break-through from the casual look of the entire structure and make it look visually appealing.
  • They are one versatile piece of accessories that can be amalgamated with any other form of interior design that you choose. Any interior design company would use mirrors as an eccentric means to add on to the grandeur of their projects.
  • While dealing with mirrors, you are bestowed with the opportunity to select from both the traditional styles as well as the contemporary ones. You can select as per the set-up of the space concerned.

The trick behind the installation of mirrors

Why harbour a stereotypical mind set of bringing about a change in your house through a modular kitchen when you can do a lot more than that? Every soul does yearn for a spacious area when it comes to residences. But even if your space is not as large as required, the ultimate way to give it the spacious look is to make use of mirrors to give the entire thing a brighter and a bigger look. The recent trend of interior designing has been making use of mirrors in the best possible way to give their projects a more dramatic and stand out look then before.

Multi-Purpose Is the Trend in Crockery Units for A 700sq Ft. Flat

A common difficulty both faced by the purchasers and the interior designers are to make the right furnishing choices for a 700sq foot of flat. It takes a lot of effort and heads banging to decide on each of the spaces. Each corner of the rooms and the living area along the kitchen needs to be filled with units accommodating almost all the essentials. That gave the Kolkata Home decors re-invent newer designs and concepts regarding the multipurpose crockery units.

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An Array of Flooring Options to Complement Your Interiors

With interior designing having reached a complete new level in the present era, one of the top notch benefits that are being bestowed on the commoners is the option to choose from the never ending varieties that is being offered to them. Flooring is one such majestic part of interior designing that has entered the domain of varieties. Right from wooden flooring all the way to the marble ones you get to select from them all and amalgamate them well within the best modern interior design that you opt for.


Extensively used flooring materials for a decked up interior

Materials incorporated in the type of flooring you choose is an important factor. It is ultimately this material that is going to add on to the final tint to the end result of your interiors.

Laminated Flooring

If you are eager to capture the glamour and the grandeur that is emitted by wood then laminate flooring might prove to be the right option for you in every way. The added advantage that comes with laminate flooring is that the material is not affected by the moisture content in any way at all. Cleaning is quite easy in this case as all you need to do is broom it up!

Vinyl flooring material

Originally speaking of it Vinyl is primarily synthetic in nature. But what adds on to its glamour is the end result that is more like a deep enriched wooden texture. You can get these in various colors and select them as per your requirement.

Stone flooring

When you think of best interior designs for home, stone flooring is one of the most extensive forms of flooring that inevitably crosses your mind. Possessing an elegance of its own stone tiles is available in a number of natural forms like granite, sandstone, granite etc.
Getting hold of the right kind of flooring that acts as a perfect complement to your interiors can prove to be a difficult task. But then a little help from experts can be of help. Let your interiors breathe like never before!

The Riddles of A Kitchen – Playing With The 5 Interior Thoughts

Kitchen has always been ignored affair for the owners since past. But, yes it was something, one of the many ill-effects or better to say ill-beliefs of the past that sidelined all the potential benefits of making the kitchen look amazing. The modern and the contemporary area of interior designing did a great job by identifying what it should be to make that dream kitchen come alive. For the Indian grannies, believing to have the Hollywood kitchen set at their door was a dream day event. And, those who have argued to have placed this thought in front of the patriarchal head, they either went on joking or mocking on the thought. The case was similar for the kitchen corners and the corporate interior design came for help.


Advancing on the thoughts the office interior design may arrange some of the creative patterns of the interiors.

Glitzy light:

As the canteens and the kitchen are joined, attached one can always use crystal chandelier. Especially nearing to the food storage the lights will bring a positive glow and vibrancy there.

Making space:

Like the earlier times, floor to ceiling efforts amplifies the spatial barometer to have increased the food storage capacity eventually. This is to be an organised format in the end.

Use the China Bowls:

the Chinese bowls are also good as they are unbreakable easily unlike the glasses. They are also spaces and can keep the ingredients well packed for a long time. Moreover, they look to attract and complement to the walls as well. They can be advanced to be the eye-catching accessories largely.

Living with the blue:

For most yellow and oil painting has been the commonly noted colour for the kitchen. But they are not the same case for people especially for the interior designers who are investing their creative mindsets in placing something unique on a constant process. Here in what they have is with the blue. Why not experiment with it when we can do with the spirit of the other bathrooms.

The Style Title:

one can use the monochrome contrast with the titles by using a mixture of blue and white or yellow or white. Not always does the monochrome effect means black and white, for they does, but one can do think exceptionally.

The corporate interior designers of Stylespa Interiors are using these as the trick to make the canteen cum kitchen look live. This is also to gratify the incessant process of cooking and serving fun, colouring and interesting not only for the eaters but to the owners and the cooks as well.

Define Your Corners With Expertise From The Best Interior Design Company


Getting hold of your best pieces of furniture is definitely not enough when you dream of a posh interior for your house. The trick behind it all is the way in which in which you assemble them all and use them to reflect a taste of your own.

Selecting the right interior design company is definitely a great challenge in its own. In fact there are several attributes that are related to it. Companies or enterprises like Stylespa Interior are doing their best to uplift the standards of living through interior decoration.

Not all decorators are designers by profession

Literally speaking, not all decorators are interior designers by profession. Home decorating is a profession that can be chosen by almost by any individual, but designing is not something way too specified. Decorators can easily start off their business by propagating their dos and don’ts through business cards and other means. On the other hand interior designers must have an authenticated certificated of education to help them proceed. This is exactly what you get to avail at the Stylespa Interior. Professionals here are way different than the common home decorators Kolkata or other places have to offer.

Flow of operation and execfution

Experts at Stylespa Interior follow a regulated pattern of work and go about the entire process of interior designing in a formulated manner.

  • A close proximity is maintained with the clients so as to maintain parity between personal choices along with expert solutions. Conceptualization forms a great part of the entire procedure.
  • Customers are paid personal visits by the professional to clarify doubts and discuss ideas.
  • A complete space consumption planning is laid down in the form of 2D layouts to utilize space in the best possible way.
  • It is after the amalgamation of all the ideas and requirements that are complete interior design plan is created for the purpose of execution.
  • An estimated budget is laid down depending on the bulk of the work and the strategy applied.
  • It is made sure that the best hands and contractors in the market are appointed to execute the entire event.

With a deep rooted name in the market you can definitely be assured that Stylespa Interior will prove to be your ultimate solution when it comes to a breath taking interior design for your home and workplace.

The Secrets Of Having A Perfect Modular Kitchen For Your Home



The thought of entering a Kitchen in this season of tremendous swelter in Kolkata, horrifies us atleast for a moment. The droplets of sweat dripping from the corners of the forehead and spinal back of your body, gets into your imagination. Along with this, the anticipation of claustrophobic discomfort, generally faced in ordinary kitchens, makes you feel reluctant and lazy to start cooking. However, the fact remains that they are most used places by our homemakers. Keeping the essentiality in mind, the Home Decorators of Kolkata are all set to get rid of this scariness associated with the cooking spaces. With the services to design modular kitchens, the decorators have vowed to make culinary chores of homemakers and the ‘sometimers’ easier to the extent that they may start enjoying entering the dreaded spaces. Continue reading