Designing Ideas for a Small Living Room that can change the look of your Home

Probably you have spent days or weeks to find a right place to live in the heart of the metropolitan city. It feels enough that finally you have found the small place to live in. But it becomes difficult when you think of decorating it. Smaller living places become difficult to design and decorate even more than the huge apartments. That is why often in my long career of interior decoration I have found many clients who have come to seek our help for designing their small apartments.

If you are in such predicament you are absolutely at the right place. Here are a few tips that can be useful for you in designing your small apartment.

Designing Ideas for a Small Living Room

Let Light Come In and Play:-

Make sure that the room has enough light. Use the big windows. They can make your room look bigger and brighter. If the windows are not big enough then you can surely make it appear as bigger. Try to hang the window rods a little higher than the window pane. Use clear white glass in the window as it will make the place look roomy. If the place is small, place a mirror just in the opposite wall of the window that will reflect the light in the room. It will give an illusion of bigger space.

Give Some Metallic Effect:-

Sprinkle some metallic effect in the décor of the room. It can be the window frame. It also can be lamp shades or curtains. Metal tone makes rooms look glamorous.

Use Corners Wisely:-

Corners are useful in the case of small-home. Place a corner bookshelf or a bean bag in the room. It will let you use the space as well as give a welcoming feel to the room.

There are many interior decoration companies in Kolkata who can lend their hand to you. Get it right and make a great impression with the interior design of your small nest.

Tips to make your Showroom a Stunning One

You must be thinking while setting up a showroom that it is your product that will attract buyers and customers. But do you know that it is the décor of your showroom that will also attract more consumers too. The décor of your showroom reflects the professionalism as well as your classy choice of décor.

While you are handing over the contract of decorating to some reputed commercial interior decoration firm keep these points in your mind.

Commercial interior decoration firmInvite your Customer :-

A customer will step inside your store only when he/she will feel welcome. Create an environment that will invite the customer inside your store. Provide them a comfortable environment that will let them feel welcome. In fact shopping becomes fun for any shopper if they feel comfortable with the environment of showroom. Incorporate bright colours and accessories in the décor of your store that will create a signature and warm look.

Focus :-

The eyes of the onlookers can take only a little detail at a time. So, avoid clutter the look of the showroom. Rather concentrate on minor detail that can make your store look unique. Add up details that will create a signature look. Express what you are offering through the design of your store.

Send a Message :-

Establishing a business is all about the message that you want to convey through your brand. Let the design of your store do the talking behalf of you. Let the design tell what you want to express, what the consumers can look forward to while they are entering in your store.

Share these thoughts with the commercial interior decoration firm and design a store that people will love to explore.