Amazing Tips to Decorate Your House

A number of people have natural instinctive for decorating or designing. And, there are also people who don’t have much of a talent for design. For those a few basic decorating techniques can go a long way. I’m going to discuss few decorating tips and tricks that are simple enough. Your home might look more fresh & presentable. Well, if you don’t have enough time to experience the decorating procedure yourself, you can think about interior decorators of Kolkata. There so many interior decorators, designers around the city. Settle on what you want, do your research and consider the few top interior designers Kolkata.

Know the focal spot of the living room or bedroom. If there is no built in focal point you can do it yourself by painting one wall in absolute different colour or using artworks, using bookshelf and more. Focal point is the most emphasized feature and anything around the focal point compliments it. You can consider huge artwork or a mirror that can be placed on that particular area.

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When it comes to placing rugs, hanging curtains or arranging furniture, make sure you know the specific measurements for decorating that make a room seem enhanced. For wall painting, stick to nude or neutral shades and for bedding and quilts you can opt for contrasting bright colours.

If your room or house has unconstructed area, then make the most out of it. You can place a contemporary designed coffee table, get a book shelf or consider abstract art works as well.

When it comes about lighting, make sure you are layering the lighting. Opt for ambient/general lighting for overhead lighting. It can illuminate a room evenly. You can get accent lights to highlight a particular area or object. Different types of lights can add more dimension to your house.