Do You Want To Make Your Master Bedroom Unique?

Your life has been so hectic lately that you have barely had time to sit down and think about giving makeover to your master bedroom. You must have been thinking about some affordable ways to change your master bedroom, isn’t it so? Well, there are so many home interior decorators in Kolkata that are professional and affordable.

If you have time and proper resources you can think about giving renovation to your bedroom by yourself too. Let’s have a look on the following list of things which can be considered while decorating.

We all have Spaces and Houses that we wish to get done in the best possible way
•    Make sure you are using curtain drapes behind your bed as a key feature; curtains can add a warm soothing feel to your room.

•    Get decorative Chinese paper lantern, lamp shades as a hanging light fixture.

•    If possible then you can create your own artwork. Frame interesting abstract photos, anything interests you. Hang them on an empty wall to change the whole look. you can always make a collage with your photos and place them in your wall to bring back happy memories.

•    Try to stick to neutral decor when it comes to paint on your wall and furniture. You can always ass emphasis later on.

•    Get some bold colored pillows, cushions for your neutral colored bedding. It can make you feel vibrant from inside. Think about changing your bedding layout by mixing and matching different sets.

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•    Indoor trees make the ceiling of the room look higher and your room can appear larger. Try to get trees that don’t need much water or maintenance. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some flowers.

•    Move furniture and other things around your home. Grab all of the accessories from around your house, put them on the table and after that put them all back in an unusual place.

•    If your budget suits get some different rugs, they can always change the look and feel of the room and are great to curl up under in winter. Floor rugs are also a great way to transform a room. You don’t have to buy the expensive ones, some low-priced alternatives can do the needful.

•    Choose ceramic tile as flooring surfaces. It will reflect light back into the room rather than carpets, which will absorb the light. You can use mirrors throughout your room in order to reflect light back into the room and create the illusion of more space within the room.

There are a number of bedroom decorating ideas that can be integrated in the design of your room. Before you start looking for decorating ideas nevertheless, it is advisable to take notes of your own preferences firstly. Make sure you are considering the various needs, functionality and functions while decorating your master bedroom. In addition, you can always consider Stylespa Interior who is one of the eminent names in master bedroom interior designers in Kolkata.

Newly Wedded Couple – Home Decor Tip for Newly Wedded Couple

You are standing on the verge of starting a new life with your spouse. A new home, a new life and new decor. It all may seem nice and dandy. But it becomes quite a tricky task when you are designing it with your spouse. Your home should reflect the thoughts of both of you.

Your home will be the speaker of your choices. So, when you are decorating your home you need to think in the line so that not only the decor keeps up with the choice of yours but also can make your significant half feel that you have been attentive towards her/his choice.

When you are going to ask the interior decorators for the affordable interior design in Kolkata share the ideas and they will make your dream home come true.

Small Bedroom Ideas

Living Room :-

A living room is the focal point of any home. It is obvious that there will be throng of guests after your wedding. Let them feel the warmth of your home. Opt for a good sofa in the living area for your guests. A small coffee table will break the monotony as well. Keep it simple by choosing the neutral colours for your living room. White, beige, blush pink, light blue or off white is perfect for your living room.

Bedroom :-

It is the most important area for any newly wedded couple. You are going to spend most of your intimate hours in the bedroom. So, it is necessary for you to let your partner feel the romance and warmth of your love. Add a bit mystery in your home decor with the light. Play with the colours and silk curtains. It will surely portray you as the most romantic and thoughtful partner.

Incorporate these ideas while designing the interior of your home. Make the home of bricks and walls your nest.