Spruce up Your Space with Contemporary Home Renovation

Who doesn’t want to transform frumpy and lifeless homes to an attractive, cozy, quaint and bright? Everybody has their own state of a mind and freedom to transform the interior of the house according to the dreams! Here are some of the interior design solutions ideas which can be very helpful to provide a new look to your very own space and make your dream home come true!

Interior design solutions

Here I am going to tell you about some of the basic ideas which are great inspiration for those who are renovating a home.

1. If you want to bring a major change to your bedroom or any room, add a dash of colour! It can bring a major alteration in the whole settings.

2. One can even go for a theme décor to maintain the consistency of the interior decoration. A blend of different shades and contrast colors can create amazing combination.

3. Transform the entire ambiance with great yet subtle choice of accessories.

4. The colour of the accessories and furnishings should match well to the wall paint or theme. Mismatched decor tend to look disorganized and cluttered.

5. To ensure privacy, opt for the decorative films, curtains for windows. These are an affordable yet sophisticate option. Curtains can filter the natural light and at the same time beautify the space in a unique way.

6. Place the mirrors at strategic points. Mirrors look elegant on a space and make it appear bigger. According to vastu, it is advisable to avoid mirrors in front of your bed.

7.  While pastel shades imply more of a professional approach, you can opt for great contrast colors with the colour of furniture and fixture, furnishings and accessories.

8. The next important element is the lighting arrangement. It is better to use soft but bright lights but it should not be harsh or glaring at any cost.

9.   For a classic yet contemporary feel one can opt for oak or pine furniture. They should be simple and trendy and never too large.

How to Design an Elder Friendly Bedroom

In a country like India we live with our family and loved ones. When we are building a home we should think about the near and dear ones too. Since the elders of our family are our responsibility too we need to make a home that will be convenient for them too. When you are designing your home you not only need to think creatively but also practically. There are many a tricks that you need to incorporate in your home designing. Interior designing companies in Kolkata are coming up with such practical designs.

Interior Designer

Location :-

Location is the most important thing in designing the room for the elders. The room should be somewhere accessible. The most important thing you need to consider is safety. The door should be wide enough so that a wheelchair and a walker can pass through it. Attach a doorknob that is lever styled. It is easy to grip the handle and safe to use. The bathroom should be there adjacent and safe. The interior of the bathroom also should be safe enough for them to use. A safety grip is necessary for them in the room. The colour and the light of the room should be of bright so that they don’t find it difficult to find the way in dark.

Practical Furnishing and Decor :-

In designing the room you need to think practically. More than an elaborate bed, a comfortable knee height bed and a plush mattress is quite necessary. Avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room. It will not only add to the clutter but also make the room accident prone. Add a nightstand and a dimmer near the bed. At night it will be easier for them switch the light on. Place a cordless phone or a bell that will be accessible for them.

Flooring :-

You need to be careful about the flooring too. Avoid using area rug in the room. It will increase the chances of tripping in the room. It is a better idea to use the wall to wall carpet in the room. Fix any dips and rise on the floor of the room.

Look for affordable interior design in Kolkata that will make the whole design practical and trendy.