Interior decoration is the need of the modern society

Even a few decades ago interior decoration was not something most of us would have heard about. However, the changing societal needs and the aspiration to reach excellence in all segments have made interior decoration one of the most important parts of any construction. Interior decoration is much more than making the place look beautiful for the inhabitants.

Effective Home Decorators

A professional residential interior designer firm concentrates on the best use of the available space and makes the dwelling look as attractive as possible. Also it is the aim of most of these firms to build something completely different from the rest. An attraction towards everything designer has led to an ever increasing demand for customised dwellings as well.

Importance of interior decoration :-
It is not always the luxurious needs which call for service from a residential interior designer firm. A properly designed home does not only look good, but also saves a lot of energy in the long run. A poorly conceptualized home often does not have enough natural lighting and the natural ventilation system is also not efficiently designed to allow air to pass through every corners of the home. This results in unnecessary investment in lighting and cooling within the home resulting in higher consumption of electricity.


A professionally designed home offers enough natural light so that there is no need for artificial lighting for most part of the day. Also a fantastic ventilation system means that the home is going to be rather cool even during the hot summer.

Interior decoration within budget :-
Modern metropolitan cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and others are becoming more and more congested over the years. The pollution is also ever increasing and with that the temperature of the cities are also on the rise. The citizens of these cities will certainly wish their home to be beautifully designed, not only because it feels good to return to such a beautiful ambience, but also because of the efficient cooling it offers.

Affordable interior design Kolkata firms now make it possible for the culturally rich citizens of the city to get professional interior decoration at reasonable rates. A list of affordable interior design Kolkata firms is available on the internet.

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Creative Designs and Inspiration of Designing a Teen Bedroom

Finally your teenager daughter is happy. She has got her own space in the home. Her own room that she is going to be designed and decorated according to her own choice. Or probably after long pleading and negotiation you teen champ has convinced you to redecorate his room that used to look like a child’s room. True, they are still children for you. But they are on the verge of a big change in their life and personality. Teenage is the most crucial time of child’s life as it is when their personality is going to be shaped. It is obvious that they will want to flaunt their style and personality in the decor of their room even.


Interior designing company in Kolkata or in any metropolitan city will make sure that your child’s wishes and demands get fulfilled. At the same time they will take care of your pocket too. If your budding scholar of creative art wants to fuse their designing ideas too, the designers will make sure that the room speaks of their personality.

Take a look of the creative ideas below to make the room like their own customized world.

Add Theme and Character :-
When your kid wants his/her room reflect their personality the first thing you need to think about is the theme and character of the room. If she is still in her dream world of Mills and Boons stories and rom-coms, decorate her room with the more girly colours like blue and pink. Decorate her bed with feathery pillows and matched bedspread. If he is more into sports and superheroes, make place for his favourite sportsmen and superheroes. If he/she is rebel, keep the décor simple and functional and let them paint their world with their own colours.

Spa Bed Room Decor

Leave Empty Space :-
When your kid is busy with her dance rehearsals or his band jamming, or preparing for her role in school drama or just indulging in hobby of hand painting of glass painting, they need quite a wide free, empty space. Make sure that there is enough free space on the floor of the room. It will also decrease the chances of the accidents too.

Keep a ‘Blue’ Corner :-
Teenage is the time when he/she is going to spend some feeling blue and lazing around.  When he/she is looking for a resort to spend some time with herself/himself, provide them with such a corner in their own room.

Home interior decorators in Kolkata are coming up with amazing designs for such rooms and in affordable price. Seek their help to design the world of your teen prince or princesses.

Creative Ideas for Designing your Cosy Bedroom

Getting a place in a metropolitan city like Kolkata is quite difficult. If you have already found it, it will become a tricky task to decorate the home if you have a limited space and a limited budget.

Your bedroom is the cosiest corner in your nest. It is the place where you will spend the most of the hours of your day. It will be the place that will show your personal taste and reflect your personality. It is obvious that you will want to make an impression through the decor of your room. To do that you need to incorporate a few creative ideas in your design. Home interior decorators in Kolkata are providing you the chance to explore and implement your ideas.

Bedroom Style

Limited space of your home won’t be a problem if you are creative and tricky enough to use your ideas. Take a look of the following ideas and make sure that you use them in designing of your cosy retreat.

Create a Focal Point :-
In a room there must a focal point that will establish the whole symmetry of the room. It will make sure that the visitors never feel that your small room is free from clutter. It will attract the attention of the guests and visitors and divert their attention from all the other faults of your room.

Style Bedroom

For that matter the headboard of your bed can be that focal point of your room. Decorate it with bold colourful pillow.  You can use the wall behind the headboard as your family album display. Place amazing photos and moments near you that will not only make you remember your special moments but also will give the room a systematic look.

Spa Bed Room

Seize Opportunities :-
When you have a small bedroom you need to seize every opportunity you will get. Ditch the nightstand. Use the space beside your bed wisely. Build a shelf that will serve the purpose of a table. You will get empty space beneath it that you can use as storage place. Use the blank wall. Opt for simple shelves that will show off your amazing collection of books.


Play with Lights :-
The trick is to make you room look glamorous and a little bit mysterious. It is obvious that you and your partner are going to spend some intimate time together in the room. To add a little bit of mystery in the décor you can play with lights. It is true that bright lights will help you to make your room look bigger. But a cosy dark corner will be a perfect corner to spend some intimate time.

There are many firms that provide you with affordable interior design in Kolkata and in other metropolitan city. Share your ideas with them.

Forget Boring Functional Look – the Hottest Home Decor Tips of 2015

You must have visited friend’s places and came back home with the feeling that if only you had that particular sofa in your living or that particular wallpaper in your dining room, it would have been great. You must have thought at least for once that if you could have found that beautiful oak table that you cousin has in her living, you could have shown how to get it right with fusion furnishing. Here is your chance to show the world that you are far more creative than the rest of the world when it comes to interior designing.


When you are setting your home in Kolkata or in any metropolitan city you just need to find a right commercial interior designing firm in Kolkata or in the city you live in and share your ideas with them.

Here are some hottest designing trends for you that you can incorporate in your planning.

Big Comfy Sectionals are In :-
Living rooms are all about more comfortable sitting arrangements and lounging area now. That is why the elaborate, traditional sofa sets are gone. It is time for huge, comfy sectionals. It is perfect to lounge together or sprawl over if you like it. Versatile furniture and it is a must have in your living room.

Style Home Design

The Colour of the Season – Blue :-
The hue of the season is blue. It is a perfect colour to give your home more a timeless classy look. Play with various sheds of blue colour in your room. You can steep the walls of your dining with the deepest of ocean blue. For your living go for colour blocking. Play with different colours that will juxtapose the bright blue on the wall. Cushion covers, centre tables can be your canvas. For your master bedroom choose the soothing shade of Blue.

Style Home Design

Books as a Part of Decoration :-
Books are known to provide comfort and soothing feeling. If you make it part of your home décor, you are going to make an impression in the mind of the onlookers. And if the onlooker is a bookworm himself, you are surely going to make him jealous.

To find the right interior designing solutions, you need to do a little research. Once you find one, share your ideas with them to make your nest a talking point amongst your peers.

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Stunning Colours for your Master Bedroom

Colours play a big role that can completely transform the look of your master bedroom. The colours can make your room relaxing. It can destruct the look of any room too. You need to be careful while using the colours.

The master bedroom is the most important area in your home that needs your attention. Colours play a big role in making the atmosphere of the room that you like to make. If you are thinking to make your room appear as your den to spend leisure, it is the colours that will do the trick. If you want to reflect your classy choice, you will need colours to do that. Colours can also make your room look functional. In fact while decorating your room, designers will choose all the accessories like curtains, bed sheets according to the colours of your room.

Style Bedroom DecorationWhen you are setting up your home in Kolkata or in any metropolitan city you must be dreaming for making it a perfect nest for you. Commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata ensure that you can design your cosy bedroom as you want it.

Add a Fresh Feeling :-
If you want to add a fresh feeling to your room you can opt for white, lemon yellow or olive green colours. These colours have a unique quality of making the rooms look bigger and more spacious. After a long day of work when you are going to your room to relax and surrender to your leisure, the colours of the room can make you feel at home.


Add Classy Hues :-
When you are opting for a classy theme for your whole home, you can decorate your master bedroom in these classy colours. Gray is a timeless classy colour. You can colour and accessorize your room with gray colour and curtains, bed sheets and pillow covers. These colours also add some elegance and touch of sophistication in your interior designing.

Spa Interior

Reflect Royalty :-
Want to add a royal touch on the wall of your room? Colour your room with rich brown or rich blue. They are perfect to show off your class and add the desired royal touch in the interior of your home. Add perfect accessories in your home decor and make it all the more glamorous.

You can seek help from the home interior decorators in Kolkata and share your ideas with them. Stun your guests with your choice of elegance.

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How the interior designers are exploring newer horizons?

Interior designing firms have been quite busy lately with a flurry of new projects coming in as a result of a high increase in the number of housing projects being undertaken all over the country. In West Bengal as well there have been quite a few developments in the real estate sector. A number of major businessmen have shifted their focus towards the real estate sector as the takers of the projects are increasing in number day by day. The home interior decorators in Kolkata are looking forward to increase in demand scenario due to the demand for personalized projects meeting the demand of the clients.

Image - Style SpaGet affordable designers in the city :-

Affordable interior design Kolkata is highly in demand by the builders. They wish to give the best within the minimum budget possible. The high competition in the real estate sector has also led to the major interior designers quoting lesser prices than before in order to ensure the projects. Interior designing has become an integral part of any building. Whether one is building the place to start an office or simply for residential purpose, the interior designer is consulted not only to make the place look beautiful but also to get ideas on best use of the space available. The home interior decorators in Kolkata are being hired even by the individuals who are renovating their place.

Spa Interior Design

Importance of interior decoration in business space :-
The businessmen have also shifted their attention towards affordable interior design Kolkata for their offices. A well planned and well decorated office does not only look good, it gives a positive energy to all those working in it and brings out much better result from them. New clients, when first visiting the office, most certainly will be impressed by the look created by the professionals.

Style Spa - Interior

How to check for the perfect interior decorator :-
If you are a builder, or a businessman, or simply looking for interior decorators to help you plan your space in Kolkata, you may check for affordable interior design Kolkata or home interior decorators in Kolkata over Google. One may even consider the various directories available which list such service providers. At the end of the day, what counts is the value for money received.

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Get your interior decoration done within your budget

Interior designing for every space :-
Whether it is home or office or any other workspace, interior designing is essential for all. It is not only to make the place look beautiful; a proper and professional interior designing work takes into account the space available, the space requirement for various components to be placed within the room, the natural lighting of the room, the colour and decor of the room. Whatever be the project, the sole aim of the interior designer is to create an atmosphere which will give a natural positive vide to its occupants. In case of office or household, the room is generally created matching the image of the company or the personality of the house owner, as the case may be. There is a number of interior decoration Company in Kolkata from whom you may choose the most affordable interior design Kolkata.


How to choose the best interior designing firm :-
While there are plenty of choices available, not all are best in business. Here is a checklist you may consider before finalizing the interior decorator –

  • Credentials :– Most company boasts of having a whole lot of credentials. As a consumer first get to know which credentials are the ones which actually matters in case of interior designing. The fastest way to shortlist will be by deducting those which are providing too many low value credentials.
  • Experience :– Experience is one thing which allows anyone to become great with sincere effort. You can check out the date of commencement of business. The experience of the employees, in case of a business firm, is also critical in understanding the overall performance solution.

Bedroom Design with light

  • Dedicated team size :– The size of the team dedicated to your project is critical in completion of the project in time. It is best to get a good knowledge of the size of the team who will be working for your project.
  • Past Works :– Nothing speaks like action itself. Get some time out to visit some venues designed by the interior decoration company in Kolkata you are planning on hiring to get an idea of the quality of their work.
  • Budget :– The overall budget is the most important thing while choosing affordable interior design Kolkata and it is best to state the budget during the initial phase of meetings between you and the company.

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Experience the Brilliant Interior Design Ideas!

A skillfully decorated interior design not only functions well but it creates a delightful feeling. Everybody owns a house or office space, but when it comes to interior decoration, not everybody is typical or extraordinary. It reflects function, mood and personality; these three significant components ensure decorating success. When doing interior design it is necessary to think of the residential place as a totality. Hence, you would like to hire a residential interior designer firm, when you completely settle on to give a renovation to your property. Based on proficiency in the province, an interior designer firm can assist with the redecoration of your office or home or business place.

Residential Interior Design - Style Spa Interior

According to the trend and style there are three techniques of balance that interior designing companies are following – Symmetrical, Asymmetrical & Radial.

When it comes to traditional interiors, symmetrical balance is the specific solution for interior designing firms. This symmetry reflects the human form as well, so we are inherently comfortable in balanced surroundings. In this particular technique the same objects are repeated in the similar positions on either side of a vertical axis. Like old rooms where both side of a room is an exact mirror of the other.

Residential Design

These days asymmetrical sense of balance is more suitable in design and it reflects movements and lively interiors. This design is achieved with some different objects that have equal visual weight or eye attraction. Though it is more casual and less contrived in feeling, but more tricky to accomplish.

Office Interior Design

Radical symmetry displays all the elements of a design & plan that is organized around a center point. For an example you can think about a spiral staircase, which is also an excellent example. Though this particular style not often employed in interiors, but if used appropriately, it can actually provide an interesting counterpoint.

Style Bedroom

These days interior designing companies are growing increasingly. People residing in Kolkata, according to their requirements and budget, can opt for various interior designing companies in Kolkata who are proficient and professional.

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