Five Great Ways of Interior Decoration on a Budget

What is interior decorating?

The art of interior decorating refers to the furnishing and decorating of the interior spaces of the offices, homes, schools and public spaces. It primarily deals with the aspects regarding colour, lighting, texture, paint and furniture including the placement of flooring, fabrics, windows and accessories. The interior decorator is in charge of applying or updating the style and design of the interior of the space.


With changing time many homeowners express a strong desire to renovate their home and to work with the interior decoration companies. But these thoughts and desires are hardly realised because they scared or have heard about mishaps that have happened to various people they know. But, the truth is that affordable interior decoration options are available in abundance. For example, those homeowners residing in Kolkata can Google various interior decoration companies in Kolkata and choose the one that suits their needs and budgets.

All those stories about the mishaps of the interior decoration plans must be taken as a fair warning against partnering up low quality and unskilled decorators. The latest firms are great at working out the best possible plan within a budget. If the homeowners are still feeling hesitant here is a guideline they can follow to get the most of the professional help –

1) Visit various online design and decoration advice websites :-

This might turn out to be haphazard but the cost will be minimal. These websites require proper room measurements along with photographs of it. They also provide the customers with a detailed questionnaire which allows the designers and decorators working with the website to understand the basic needs and requirements of the customers. They often send back a floor plan and at times they even provide the colour schemes and suggestions.

2) Use the available free decoration advice from the retail stores :-

All large designing firms have a complementary service for their probable customers. This advice is free for the customers while the designers might gain a good amount of commission for every item they sell. They will always provide the customers with plans which include more than 5-6 items from their collection which are essential for the renovation. It is advisable for the customers to be aware as it might force them to end up paying more than necessary.

3) Hiring an interior decorator :-

If the homeowners are very tight on budget and do not require full-fledged renovation they can hire a professional by hour. They will suggest the basic ideas on the furniture, the colour schemes and lighting. The rest can be completed by the homeowners themselves. It is better to have all the questions sorted out and planned before hand as it will save time and money.

4) Visiting an interior designing or decorating firm :-

Residents of all the major cities can easily go and talk to the designer firm near them. They have endless ideas and resources to fuel the needs of the customer.

5) DIYs :-

There are various things that the homeowner can experiment with. Hanging new pictures and doing some stitch wok will help change the look of the room .

Tips to Decorate your Master Bedroom in Affordable Budget

Designing the master bedroom can be tricky. It becomes more difficult when you have a quite limited budget. To know more how to do it, read on the Blog.

Style spa

Have you shifted in some metropolitan city like Kolkata, Delhi or Mumbai lately with your spouse? You must have bought a new space and now thinking how you will design the rooms in affordable budget. Let me tell you one thing, don’t ignore the designing of your master bedroom. You are probably thinking that you do not need to put a lot of thought while designing your bedroom since it is most intimate part of your home and mostly guest won’t come inside the room. If it is so, you are seriously mistaken. Bedroom is one of the most important parts of a home. It is the place where you and your partner are going to spend most of the time in a day.

Designing a master bedroom can be little costly. The main problem is as you are getting quite a bigger place for your own, it becomes hard to resist temptation to clutter it with every nice item. But with these items, the room becomes a sheer mess. It also becomes difficult to design it with a limited budget. There are many interior decoration companies in Kolkata who can help you out but you need to have a few ideas too.

If you are in such a situation then you are at the right place. Take a look of the tips given below.

Create a Focal Point :-
When you are designing your room in a limited budget you cannot afford many costly pieces. To save you from the trouble of spending a lot of money, you can create a focal point in your room. Place an arm chair in your room. Or think about an intricately designed head board. You can also add a massive decorative photo frame in the wall in your room. The main thing you need to take care of is that you need to create a focal point that will immediately attract the attention of the onlooker. It will divert the attention of the guests from the minor flaws.

style spa interior

Use Open Space :-
Using open space in your bedroom will not only reduce the clutter in your room but also will give your room an organised look. If you are a bookworm, you can hang a shelf on the open wall. If you love to spend your leisure by watching TV, you can place a multipurpose cabinet or chest of drawers in your room that will work as a TV station as well as a storage place.

Play with the Lights :-
Since you are going to spend your most of the time in your room, you can decorate it with light as well. Bright lights are needed for sure. But don’t forget to add some touch of warm, deem and cosy lights in your room.

There are a few Interior decoration companies in Kolkata that will help you to design and decorate your personal space. Consult with them and share your ideas.

Qualities of a good interior designer in Kolkata

If you have moved into your new home, and does not have any clue about how the decoration might be, you can choose to hire an interior designer who can beautify the walls of your home. You might also feel like renovating the interiors of your home, or decorate them accordingly.

Selecting a good decorator for your home is essential, especially if you have new visitors every month of the year. It is a necessity. There is a misconception that home decorators and home designers are similar. They are not the same. They have different work activities and responsibilities. A design takes into consideration, the architectural aspect of the place. Instead a decorator is more concerned with the decorative stuff they need to put up on the wall and where to place various objects like your furniture.

Style Spa Decorating

A home interior decorator in Kolkata is the one who makes your home look beautiful and attractive. Interior decoration can enlighten your mood. A home decorator is only responsible for taking care of things like where your furniture, curtains or lamp shades should go. Rather than trying to make things happen through a DIY, one can consider having a professional take a look at the interiors of your home. You should also choose if the designer is reputed. They should also be affordable and should fit your budget. A skilled decorator always keeps an eye out for providing you with a beautiful space that is well decorated.


Interior designers should also keep themselves updated with the latest trends in interior decoration. Look into the home designer network. Word of mouth has been yet another good advertising technique. You could also get in touch with the local contractors and tell them your requirements. Communicate with designers at every step of your work with the customer. This will help you stay on the same page with your customers.

Why hire affordable interior designers in Kolkata?

Gone are the days when interior designers were employed only by the rich and the famous. Firms providing affordable interior design in Kolkata are making even the most moderate apartments look like a million dollar.

Gone are the days when interior design was thought to be the sole prerogative of only the rich and the famous. Affordable interior design in Kolkata are availed by a surprisingly large section of middle class household, who have the means and the aspiration to make their home look a million dollars. The new mantra of interior design is that it does not matter how big or small your home is, it should be planned and decorated in such a way that it makes you live comfortably with style. A large number of interior design firms in Kolkata are offering services to clientele of all budget ranges. Their popularity is continuously on the rise.

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These days, interior designing your home begins even before it exists. More housing project development firms hire interior design consultants at the very beginning of its project. This actually saves trouble later on since space management is taken care of right at the beginning. The moderate size of ownership flats these days make meticulous and intelligent usage of space an absolute necessity. However, even after the flat is ready, you may need an interior designer to decorate and design your flat to give it the spectacular look you are aspiring for.

An interior designer would first and foremost try to create an illusion of space even within a small and moderately sized interior. This is usually done through a careful choice of wall colours, lighting appliances, and arrangement of furniture. Secondly, come the important part of decoration that actually uplifts your dwelling space. This is done through choice of furniture fittings, door knobs, cabinets and wardrobes. Finally decorative items and wall hangings are chosen to finish it off. The taste of the owner is usually reflected in the designs. Once ignored, bathrooms and kitchen receive special attention from designers these days. Firms delivering affordable interior design in Kolkata provide precisely these services. They are dedicated to make your home look plush and beautiful that you can proudly display to your family and friends.

Choosing the best interior design company in Kolkata for the interior of your home

There are many interior design companies in India. How would you know which one to choose. Ask for testimonials from former buyers. Interior designing is a crucial part of recreating your home and give it a beautiful look. Whether you need an interior designer who can decorate the interior walls of your home, or someone who is qualified to make things happen for your home, are more than welcome to make it a grand success.

Colouring decoration
There are many interior design companies in Kolkata. They were developed to cater to various needs of people all around the world. The demand for design services has risen in the current era. As interior design services are more in demand, more agencies are created that remains helpful to people and provide them with the best interior design services that they can. You can also talk to some of the best design companies for the inner part of the house.

bathroom decorating
If you choose a design company, they must be affordable as price matters too. Scroll through a number of websites and designer companies that can help you with the best design at affordable prices. The other resources that you will be able to learn includes magazines those are related to the design and interior decorations. They are many issues of design, and related designs that would mesmerize you and help you choose an option to decorate your interiors. You can rely on decor magazines and interior design magazines that are known to be one of the best in the industry.

You can also depend on various websites or internal referrals to get started with the best interior designers that you can find online. If you have family and friends, word of mouth advertising is a great advertising technique that directly lets you know more about the brand and the interior decoration company. There are many interior design company Kolkata that offers you the best.

Make your home store ready with smart interior design solutions

If you want to sell of your home at a price that you dictate, use smart interior design solutions to make it presentable and attractive to your prospective customers.

Are you having trouble selling off your home? Or letting it out? It is possible that you are actually putting off your prospective customers without even knowing what is going wrong. A little interior design solution can actually solve the problem, and make your home look a million dollars worth. However, you need to be smart. A home, like any commodity that needs to be sold, needs to be decked up and made ‘store ready’. You need to highlight the strong points in your home and at the same time somehow conceal the shortcomings. You can do this only by clever interior design solutions.

First, make your home look bright and spacious. You can do this by making a few changes in the lighting and decor of your home. Replace the wall papers of your home. Take away the prints and put in neutral cream or similar coloured wall papers. You can re-paint it in a neutral soft colour. This will make the rooms appear more spacious. Secondly, replace the lighting. Take off the bulbs, and put in halogen bulbs and CFLs to make your room look more spacious. The next step towards designing includes clearing off the clutter. You must also take away the too much of personalized items off your rooms, like books, family photographs, home decorative items. In general, your interior design solution should aim at a neutral and depersonalized effect. Removing and re-arranging furniture can also create an illusion of space.

Next, concentrate on the bathroom. Use screen cleverly to cover up the bathing space and old fashioned tiles. Put toiletries behind the cupboard, and again use a bright light of high wattage instead of the usual low one. Redo the kitchen, and change doorknobs if possible. It does not necessarily have to be expensive, but it must be modern and look new, like geometric shapes. Finally, paint your front door in a bright colour and put flower pots if possible. These few interior design tips can actually go a long way in making your home ready for presentation to your prospective customers.

Common Mistakes that We Make in Interior Designing of Our Home

Often while planning and designing the interior of the home we make some horrible mistakes. It spoils the whole look of the home. You need to know what the mistakes are so that you can avoid them.

When you are planning to design your new home, you should decorate it in a way so that your home not only please your guests but also gives you a warm feeling of being home. However, while designing our own home, we often commit a few common mistakes that not only make our guests cling but also become pain to our eyes as well. What are those mistakes that you should avoid? There are many commercial interior designing firms Kolkata that can help you out. Discuss these ideas with them and they will help you to find where you went wrong.


Over Furnishing :-
You have heard about the best trends in furnishing. You have collected best chandeliers. You have stored all the antic furniture that was available in the auctions across the city. But fusing all of these in a single room at the same time is never a good idea. It is always better to create a focal point in a room that will engage the attention of your visitor immediately. But if there are too many items to focus at then your visitors’ attention will be diverted. It will also make your room cluttered. Too much furnishing will make your room look clumsy.

Hanging Showpieces too high :-
You have designed your room quite tastefully alright but have hung the precious showpieces and the paintings too high to notice the fine details then it will kill the look for sure. Be reasonable while thinking about where to hang the art works that you have appreciated and collected.

Lack of Colour :-
It is true that the white or light colours make a room look bright and bigger. But that does not mean that you need to stick to only these colours. If your broom is already big, using these colours will make your room look cold and clinical. To retain the warmth ad cosiness of a room it is important to play with the colours.

Insufficient Lighting :-
You have designed the interior of the room brilliantly. Every single detail is placed after putting lot of thoughts. But what if you haven’t provided enough light? Your visitor swill never be able to see and appreciate your effort. Make sure that you are providing enough light.

Take some help from commercial interior designing firms and make your home a beautiful place to be.
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Design Your Living Room in Affordable Price

Living room is the most important and the focal point of any house. Designing the room is the trickiest part of the whole home decoration. It becomes more difficult when you have a tight budget. There are a few tricks that can be used in designing the interior.

Have you recently shifted in the city? Are you planning to set up a new home with your spouse? You and your partner are probably getting confused over and over again how you will plan your interior design in low budget. When you will welcome your guests in your new home, they will first notice your living room. They will spend most of their time in the living room. So, it has to attractive and cosy enough to welcome them and has to classy enough so that they get a glimpse of your amazing taste.

Home Decoration Images

Tricks that You can Use
• The first thing that you can do while decorating your living is to plan and create a theme. While decorating a room, theme makes the real impact on the onlookers. If you want to make your room look functional and bright, you can opt for some bright sunny colour like off white, yellow and green. If you want a warm touch of class in your home decor then warm brown and off white contrast is for you. Often less becomes more with the simple use of black and white contrast in your room as well.

• You need to create a focal point in your room. It will immediately catch the attention of the onlookers. Add a fabulous painting or sketch on the wall. Make your book shelf do the talking. Place a chair in the room that will immediately take the charge. For such statement pieces, keep your eyes on the classified ads and visit the auctions. You will be able to find such amazing and sometimes antic pieces in there.

• Play with the lighting. You can decorate your room with bright luminosity or you can place the lights trickily that will provide a look of mystery in your room. Also adding some golden glow in the room won’t be a bad idea.

• Arrange the furniture in a way that will create an atmosphere of a warm gathering. Place them in a circular way. It will add to the warm welcome feeling of the room.

There are many interior design solution companies all over the city who will be happy to help you out. Share your ideas with them.

Tips To Decorate your Kitchen in Affordable Price

Have you recently bought a new home in the city? Are you setting up your new nest? You must be busy about thinking the designing the interior of your new home. It becomes trickiest when you have a limited budget and a small place. The increasing number of small flats and houses in the city reflects how it becomes a little difficult for people to plan the interior of the house. There are many commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata that are helping people to solve the issue. However, you should also have some idea about it.

kitchen Design
The kitchen is the most important part of the house, the heart and soul of it. The designing of the kitchen is not only tricky but a good designed kitchen is essential too. When you are designing your kitchen you can not only think about the beauty only. You need to think about the some other things as well. You need to think about the functionality, ventilation, safety too.
Now how to decode it? Let’s take a look of the tips I am going to give you.

Place everything within reasonable distance. If you are going to place the dishwasher away from the sink then think again. If you do that you will need to wipe the whole kitchen again as the washed dishes will flood your kitchen with droplets. If you place your cupboard containing all the ingredients of cooking then you are going to run around the kitchen while cooking. To make it a lot more simple place the appliances all near your reach.

Provide your appliances with enough space around them. If you place your refrigerator at the corner, it won’t get enough space for the door. It will be difficult for replacing the shelves and trays inside it. You will also need space around the appliances like refrigerator and microwave oven since you will need to place the dishes and pots before taking out from them or putting it inside it.

Think extremely functional when it comes to cupboard and shelves.

Consult a commercial interior designing firm and share your ideas with them to get best result.

Are firms offering affordable interior design in Kolkata dependable?

There are a large number of agencies, firms and individuals providing affordable interior design in Kolkata. They cater to a wide variety of needs and demands from clients who come from diverse professional sectors.

Spa Interior

Style Spa Interior Design

Looking for someone to design your space in Kolkata but not sure where to find one? Even when you find one, is it dependable? I faced the same problem, when I was looking for a firm providing affordable interior design in Kolkata to deck up my new outlet of fashion jewellery. I was new to the business and did not whether I would find someone to design my small but favourite space just the way I wanted it to be. This space was something I wanted to be personally associated with me. Its taste should reflect my taste; its statement should represent my statement – on my choice and views. That was the way I handpicked every item that went into my store, and I wanted the interior design of my shop to give it the right background. As I was looking for an interior designer to carry out my plans, my friends helped me out. She gave me the contact of this firm who did interior designing in Kolkata at very affordable rates.

The rates were precisely what got me suspicious initially. I was not sure if it could carry out what I wanted. As you understand, I was rather personal about this space with which I associated on a personal level. Financially speaking, it was the project I was putting all my savings into. However, speaking the representative from the firm, I felt confident. He was quick to understand my needs, and had an instinctive understanding of the style and theme that I wanted. Taking a look at my shop, he provided some immediate solutions which impressed me. The deal was fixed, and within a fortnight I got my shop all ready and raring to go. It was much better than what I expected it to be.

Affordable Interior design in Kolkata, I later found out was not only confined in touching up and beautifying business spaces and increasing their utility and space value, but also work in other sectors like domestic designing, architectural designing, restaurants, dining halls and other spaces for public use. Not unexpectedly, the rising number of apartment houses in the city has increased the demand for interior designers in Kolkata whose help is always sought in the process of developing real estate. Interested clients from all sectors will find it heartening to work with agencies, individuals and firms offering affordable interior design in Kolkata.