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Home decor can be expensive. But with a few tricks you can design your home in affordable price. In this article you will find a few helpful tricks.

Have you recently landed a job in a company in the city? Or have you just shifted in the city with your spouse? While settling in the new home, you must have been finding it difficult to plan the interior design. Whatever furniture and decoration you are touching is exceeding your budget. So, how to decorate it that won’t affect your budget? Take a look at the tricks that are given below.

Start with a New Wall :-
Decorate your wall with new and bright hues. You can decorate a wall in texture colour. That will attract the attention of the onlookers immediately. Another best way to give a fresh look to your wall is wallpapering. You can wallpaper the borders of the room. It will make the wall look different as well as save your money.

StyleSpa_Facebook_7Accessorize :-
Accessorizing will give a designer look in your room and that even in small budget. Buy some stylish drapes and curtains for your windows and matched soft pillow covers and bedspread. You can also incorporate scented candles, flower bowl and some interesting pictures, prints and paintings.

Create a Focal Point :-
Create a focal point in the room. It will immediately divert the attention of the onlookers. Incorporate an elaborate headboard in bed; place a glam velvet arm chair in the room, place an antique looking wooden centre table in the living and you are done. It will keep your visitors busy to look at and divert their attention from the places you don’t want them to look at.

Play with Lights :-
Light can make your home look different. Place the lights in the tricky corners and give your home a different ad welcoming feel.

There are many designers who are working for affordable interior design in Kolkata. Contact them, share your ideas and make your home beautiful.

What are the advantages of hiring professional interior designing services?

Interior designing is indeed an elaborate affair and that is the reason one must avail the interior designing services from a reputed firm in order to have the best of ideas and innovations to deck up their space in the most perfect way.

If you have plunged into a spree of redesigning your space then it is a gigantic task to accomplish no doubt. . One need to have proper planning, set the budget, get the right colours, furniture, furnishings, upholstery and so on. At the same time, the architectural point should also be taken into account. Hence, it often becomes difficult for a novice to handle each and every element at the right proportion. Therefore, it is best to avail interior designing services from a well known firm or a brilliant and experienced interior designer. They will surely help you out in having the space of your dream.

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Moving into a new home is a big achievement in itself. The next big step is to design the space in a way that it gains the appreciation of everyone visiting the space. The interior design ordeal is a blend of several big and small elements. It can be deciding on the ceiling or flooring or merely the colour of the bed spread or curtains. One need to execute a whole lot of design schemes and thus the decor gets settled. Therefore, the best option happens to be taking some expert advices and that makes the entire affair fruitful to the core. The experienced designer brings in a fresh set of idea to the entire settings. Here are some reasons why should one consider hiring interior designing services.

Most of the people often carry the notion that it is an expensive affair to hire the service of the expert interior designer. This is no doubt a wrong approach as availing interior designing services marks cost effectiveness. A professional will ensure that there won’t be any major mistake involving much cost.

A professional interior designer has adequate skill and knowledge to handle the entire project in a better way.

An experienced designer will surely bring your vision to life. He/she will have an in depth discussion with you and at the end will set the perfect strategy to design your space in the best possible way with lots of options to customise it to your choices .

Few Interior design solutions to Spruce up your space

As an individual moves into his or her own home then they navigate their way through a brand new, independent lifestyle. This is the time they look for the most effective interior design solutions to make their space carry out the whims and fancies they have nurtured for years.

Moving into one’s own house is indeed a great achievement in itself.  It offers the freedom to transform the interior of the space according to the dreams and sire of the owner him/herself. Here are some of the interior design solutions that will offer a new look to your space and make your dream home come true.

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Accentuating the space with the right colour is the key :-
A dash of colour can bring a major change in the entire settings. One can even go for a theme colour in order to maintain the uniformity of the decor.   A blend of different shades creating amazing combination can transform the entire ambiance. Apart from that, one need to be very careful while choosing the accessories. The colour of the furnishings and the different accessories should match well to the paint and thus the harmony among them can be marked. If there will be a mismatch among these elements then the home will tend to look disorganised and cluttered.

Spiff up the doors and windows :-
The decorative films for windows are an affordable yet sophisticate option. They ensure privacy, filter the natural light and at the same time beautify the space in a unique way. They are thus versatile options for your home.  They tinted variety can be used in the bathroom and they will no doubt add character to the mirror or the shower enclosure. Border accents offered by the films can change the ambience of living room or the kitchen to a great extent.

Placing mirrors at strategic points :-
Mirrors speak a lot and thus the old trick of changing the mood and spirit of a place  by placing a mirror works great. They open up a space and make it appear bigger. At the same time they add up elegance to the space.

Interior Design Solutions for Decorating Spacious Living Room

You have bought a spacious condo in the heart of a city. You have a spacious living room. You are quite confused about its decoration. To make it easier, read on the article for the interior design solutions for decorating your spacious living room.

With the boom in the economy of the country, the real estate industry is experiencing a rising demand of spacious condos. Now, in every metro city, developers are investing more and more in the luxury housing. It is attracting buyers from every corner of the world. You have already bought a condo, but now you are confused about its decoration. Not a big deal. You are at the right place. Read on to know more about interior design solutions for decorating your spacious living room.

Set the Mood :-
A big living room needs to be cosy and inviting. If you make it too functional, your guests will find it too cold to sit and have a chat. When you have got a huge space, then make the most of it. Set the mood first with colour and light. You can make it look brighter with the use of light colours. You can opt for dark colour to give a classy look. Lights are fun to play with. Use lampshades, mantle pieces for your shelves. You can decorate the room with the tricky light placement.

Generally living rooms play the role of a show stopper in a condo. So, it has to reflect your class and style. Your choice of lights and colours, chic colour texture will speak a volume on your choice and style.

Clever Flooring :-
Apart from the walls, floor is another most important feature. When it comes to floor decoration, comfort says the ultimate word. Make your floor comfortable with wall to wall carpet of vibrant colour. But make sure they offer a contrast with the furniture you have. If you want to attract attention to your furniture, then using area rug is the best idea.

Create a Focal Point :-
While decorating a living room, the best idea is to create a focal point. It will provide the room with a balance. Generally televisions are the centre of attention in most of the living rooms. Decorate the wall and the furniture according to it. Decorate it in a way so that it will fetch the attention of the visitor.

Design the Area for Conversation :-
Living rooms are meant for conversation. Set the furniture accordingly. The visitors in your home should get a feel that they can sit comfortably and have a chat. Arrange the pillows in a less formal way so that the furniture invites them, not intimidate them.

When you are going for a party, you always love to wrap your best neckpiece around your neck. Your living room feels the same thing too. Accessorize your living room. Hang art works, place them on shelves. Don’t forget the magic of flower as well. Make sure that you have a place to display a classy vase on occasions.

Make your living room look more inviting. Use the tips for interior design solutions.

The key elements to shape a commercial interior designing endeavour

Each and every detail plays a significant part in building up the mood and atmosphere of the office. The ambiance of the space has great role in shaping the work culture in the office and the impression of the clients visiting the pace. Thus, the commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata take in account all the essential elements while planning the decor of the space.

The colour palette is no doubt one of the most important elements to be considered while the commercial interior design planning is made.  Bright and vibrant hues like red, yellow, orange are not the right shades when it comes to office settings. Rather, pastel and soft tints are the preferred options. They have a subtle aura and they form great contrast with the colour of furniture and fixture, furnishings and accessories used in the decor. The pastel shades on the other hand put forward a professional approach. They at the same time act as agents building up the trust and comfort quotient. There are many who believes that pastel shades often tend to be monotonous but when it is about a commercial space, it is a wrong notion altogether. Using contrast colour is also a great option as they accentuate the space in a unique way and create a sense of harmony and an element of interest without detracting from the entire setting.

The next important element that the commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata considers to be crucial for the interior is planning for the lighting arrangement. The lighting should be such that it must provide maximum illumination in order to maintain the productivity but at the same time it should not take away the tonal quality of the colour palette. It is better to use soft but bright lights but it should not be harsh or glaring at any cost.

The last but the most important element happens to be the choice of furniture and fixtures. They must bear light shades like oak or pine and must create good contrast with the colour palette. They should be simple and trendy and never too big.

Hire an interior designer firm for the best type of dining room

While you are designing the interior of your home, you need to pay special attention to the dining room. Dining room is the place where we fulfil our gastronomical pleasures with our near and dear ones. Hence, dining room should be designed in such a way that it exudes a sense of warmth.

Did you know that dining rooms can be of two types? They are formal and casual dining room. They have different styles and each of the styles is apt for their individual style.

If you want to have the interiors of your house in a sophisticated manner, you should opt for the formal type of dinner setting. A formal dinner setting consists of a long, usually cushioned on the seat as well as the back. Though you can have chairs without armrest but in a formal setting, chairs with armrest, perfectly imbibes a sense of class and elegance.

Residential interior designer firm will definitely be of good help. A professional interior designer will guide you in choosing the right kind of furniture for your entire home, including the dining room. Just let them know about your preference and lay back to watch your dream house manifold.

Why commercial interior designing is gaining a steady momentum?

The number of commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata is steadily growing as the craze for designing the commercial spaces are increasing at a fast pace. If the services of a notable firm are taken then they will just transform the space with the implementation of best-in-class innovations and ideas.  The smart lighting fittings, trendy wall paint, stylish floorings, export quality furniture and fixtures, designer foundations, vintage paintings and contemporary accessories will create an extraordinary blend no doubt. The firms appoint brilliant designers with hands on experience for a long time to etch effective and exquisite plans under their skilled supervision. They never compromise with the quality standard and hence utmost perfection is attained in the endeavour.

The usefulness of interior designing to deck up commercial spaces began gaining grounds since a long time. Thus, the commercial interior designing firms Kolkata are observing a steady growth and are catering to the needs of both national and international clients on a regular basis. Smart utilization of the space with innovative designs happens to be the key to a successful designing endeavour.

The increasing number of software companies has revived the spirit of the interior designing firms to have potential clients on strategic terms. Choosing the most innovative theme happens to be the key element and alongside the other factors to be considered include planning the isles, blocks and choosing the right set of artworks to complement the space. The creative planning is mainly done on the basis of the requirement of the customer and accordingly flexible solution is offered so that one can have a makeover just any time.  Maximum importance is given to creativity and the creation of the entire concept, technical considerations and utilisation of space. Lastly, the  complete plan is passed through the hawks eye  view of an experienced designer and architect before they are actually implemented.

Residential interior design firm in Kolkata help in creating dream homes

Kolkata has emerged a formidable market for real estate in the residential sector. In addition to new properties in fringes of the city, several properties are being developed within the city itself. Many old buildings are being broken down and reconstructed as apartment buildings. These are new opportunities for any residential interior design firm in Kolkata. The concept of interior home designing is new in this city since traditionally the focus was more on commercial properties.

A new challenge :-
Interior designing for residences is always a challenge for designers especially when it comes to apartments. Till the development of new apartment buildings and condominiums, residents of Kolkata were used to staying in independent houses, no matter how small or big they were. Break up of joint families compounded with the need for more dwelling space prompted old buildings to be broken down and reconstructed as apartment buildings. Century old buildings being replaced by new constructions is a common site in heritage Kolkata localities like Baghbazar, Shyambazar, Sovabazar, and Shyampukur.

The challenge of interior designing apartments lies in offering all facilities of a complete house. Attics and store rooms are getting replaced by lofts, study rooms by study spaces, and drawing and dining rooms by a living space. An interior design firm not only addresses your structural needs but also painting, woodwork, glasswork, electrical fittings, and plumbing tasks. For a firm it is easier to retain a team of plumbers, painters, electricians, masons, and carpenters. Each of these professionals is experts in their field and carries out tasks as per your requirement.

A thorough approach :-
Residential interior designers of Kolkata are meticulous about their work. Before taking up a new assignment a representative from a firm spends considerable time with you trying to understand your exact demand for interior designing. Several meetings might take place before finalising a designing deal. Further, during the course of work your opinions are valued and implemented.

What are the key considerations while hiring a home decorator?

 It is really important to have a space well decorated in order to have a lasting impression but still the owners of a place often find it intimidating to have the service of a professional interior decorator. Every individual wants to have a dream home decorated in a way that they can implement their desires and fancies in it and make it stand out of the crowd.

The busy lifestyle of today often prevents them from having adequate time to plunge into an elaborate home decoration spree. Most of the time, they get confused halfway through not being sure about the ways to pull out everything together. There are various firms offering services of home interior decorators in Kolkata and they appoint experienced decorators at the service of the client. Thus, it will be indeed an easy option to shift all your worries and have a beautiful home or office without running down from pillar to post.

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The advantage of getting the service from a home decorator is that they will do all the research and legwork for you. All you have to do is a little homework in order to ensure that the service you are getting is top class and at par with the whims and fancies you bear about the place.

Here are few considerations to be taken into account as you go ahead to get the service of an accomplished home decoration firm.

It is very important to set the budget before you plunge into a decoration itinerary. You can have an in depth discussion with the decorator about all the requirements and make it sure that you have all the resources in place to meet your desires of a dream home perfectly.

style spa interior

It is also better to decide on the creative ideas you want to incorporate. You can get inspiration from design books, magazines and other sources   and discuss them with the decorator   so that he/she gets a fair visual about your choices.

Have a clear planning about the colour, accessories, nature of use of the space, pictures to be used and other factors. Plan them in a way that they get well with the choices of the members dwelling in the space. It is wise to have arrangement facilitating the movement of the pet if there is one in the family.

Lastly, if you have some DIY ideas in your mind; discuss them with the decorator before implementing them actually. This will give you the opportunity to give a personal touch to the entire settings.