Consult residential interior designer to have Galley kitchen


imageedit_1_4779830988Galley kitchens are becoming quite popular. A galley kitchen is defined as the one which is efficiently styled and which helps in utilising less space quite efficiently. The cabinets are positioned overhead, which give more storage space, making the most of the restricted space.

A clean kitchen creates a very welcoming ambience. Women spend a good amount of their time cooking delicacies for their near and dear people. Every kind of meal, whether it is an elaborate and complete meal or just a plate of noodles, needs arrangement prior to being cooked and this arrangement needs space.

The ideas of galley kitchen really work well with kitchens have less space. While you are designing galley kitchen, you should always keep it in mind that there must be enough aisle space between the two parallel kitchen counters, to aid easy movement while you are cooking.

Colour themes, space utilization, lighting and furniture of the kitchen are other significant things which you should borne in mind while designing a Galley kitchen.
Colour Ideas

Pastel colours such as peach, ivory, pale pink, pale lemon yellow and light brown will make your kitchen appear bigger. Using white colour will impart a pristine look. The cabinet should be lighter shades. The kitchen countertops colour should match the wall and cabinet colour.

Lighting Ideas

A galley kitchen should be well-lit, so that it appears bigger in size. Having a window which allows lots of light inside the kitchen is very good.  Overhead lighting is one of the best kitchen lighting ideas, and will brighten up your kitchen. You can also try task lighting.

Flooring Ideas

The colour of the flooring of your kitchen should match the walls, cabinets, and make sure it goes with the countertops as well. Ensure that your kitchen flooring is not dark in colour, as dark flooring tends to give a closed look to the kitchen.

Cabinet Ideas

Plenty of space is required to store all kinds of cookware and appliances. Wooden or glass door kitchen cabinets will enhance the look of your kitchen. The cabinets can be made to go right up to the ceiling. This will make your kitchen look taller.

Consulting a Residential Interior Designer Firm will help you achieve the look for your kitchen. You can search the internet and do a little research before deciding on any particular designer.

Hire Interior Design Company To Give The Latest Contemporary Look To Your Home


Contemporary look is the latest trend in the area of interior designing. The indispensable rule of contemporary interior design is that less is more. The interior designers with professional expertise prefer to go for bold and basic piece with a subtle sense of sophistication and clean lines. It should be remembered that busy prints of flowers, fringe, and ruffles or are not entertained in this type of designing. If you are naturally tend to be on the messier side, you need to be careful that contemporary interior design doesn’t allow that much scope for chaos.

The perfect bases for contemporary house interior design are high ceilings sand bare windows. Radical use of mirrors or glass and lots of chrome metallic accents are two of the several hallmarks of contemporary interior design. For draped furniture, jute, linen and wool with abundant textures is the most favoured choice. Floors are generally of vinyl, tile or bare wood but people choose bold geometric patterned rugs into their design scheme to provide a bit of warmth and sound control.

The artwork which you choose for this particular interior design should be a special piece which speaks to you on a level that is personal. You can also create the illusion of a larger piece by using several smaller pieces of artwork which you admire. Local art fairs have affordable pieces of artwork and you can use them to decorate your home.

The colour palettes of classic contemporary theme consist of natural tan colours, black and white. However, those who are ardent fans of this look, often use bold colours. For instance, you may keep a white sofa with scarlet pillows.

Replacing accent pieces is much more cost-effective than buying new furniture whenever you are ready for a different look. There are several renowned interior design companies in Kolkata which provide both residential and commercial services. If you are planning for a new look for your home or moving to your new flat in the “City of Joy”, you may consult one such firm and transform your home to a dream home.

How the services of a home decorator is important to have a beautiful home

 Home decoration refers to the tactics and practices to transform the appearance of the entire space.  It mainly involves all the ways that can be incorporated to change the settings of a space and it mainly revolves round the approach to be applied towards decorating the interior of a house, a commercial space or just any other building. Interior design plays an important role in offering exquisite appearance to any home. They tend to lend the wings of creativity to the space in a way that the inmates of the home tend to be blissful and have the peace of mind by easier means.  A well decorated home will lead to a pleasant lifestyle.


The support of home interior decorators in Kolkata will make the home decor initiative a much fruitful one. One must look for a trusted interior decoration company in Kolkata and they will appoint a brilliant decorator at your service. It would be really be a wise idea to have a detailed discussion with the decorator about all your specific requirements, ideas you nurture for long about the beautification of your sweet home and all your whims and fancies you want to get  reflected  everywhere in your very own dwelling.


There are many who like to plunge into the decoration spree all by themselves then it is very important that they must formulate the strategies well before putting them in practice. One can get the inspiration from the pictures available online or in the magazines and thus go about the mission to have a beautiful home. The foremost element to be considered is to set the budget irrespective of the fact that you do the decoration yourself or you seek the support of home interior decorators in Kolkata by contacting interior decoration company in Kolkata. Once the budget is fixed then it becomes easier to go ahead with the actual job.


Hire a commercial interior designing firm for an incredible hotel interior

Designing a hotel room can be really an arduous affair. For instance, it has a bedroom but it is not part of normal houses. Hence it is not to be actually personalised. Hence, you should take every care that your hotel is perfectly designed. There are several commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata which provide affordable interior design in Kolkata and other cities of the country. Hire a reputed interior design firm to get the ultimate look of your hotel.

The designer will at first decide on the overall style of the hotel. The overall style should be based on target market. The target market means the guests and what they will they be expecting. The aim of any interior designer is to provide a warm welcome.

Curtains as well as the use of fabrics of heavy-patter are among the major elements of a comfortable look. There is regularly a place for a snug feeling, but not ever in a hotel which is business-oriented. Blinds give an instant and profitable means to change a room from cosy to sharp and clean lines. They are available in an array of contemporary and opaque colours. It should be noted that interior design and beautification are among the most important things that guests look for in a hotel throughout the trip along with their family members and friends.

A good interior designer will meet your desires and preferences in fashionable way so that your hotel can have modern and fresh layout. While selecting an interior firm, choose a firm which has done the interior of a minimum of ten to fifteen hotels.

One word of caution- even if you like the interior design of any hotel, you must not replicate it. This will give a negative impact to your guests. Therefore, if you wish to look be noticeable, design and style of your hotel need to be one of a kind, emphatic and extraordinary.

Get affordable interior design services for a dream bathroom

Gone are those days when bathroom decoration was not given that much importance like the other rooms of the house. Today, bathroom designing is a significant aspect of interior decoration. Bathrooms are designed or remodelled in such a way that you fall in love with the rooms.

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, well planned interior decoration will bring life to it. Turn your bathroom into the space of your dreams by designing a beautiful, calming yet functional area. However, bathroom design can only look truly great when the lighting is right.

Various types of lighting available in the market are natural, wall and ceiling. You can select the lighting according to the space and design and your preference. Firstly, you need to assess the type of space you have in your bathroom.

There should be enough light which in an enjoyable position so that it allows lighting to contribute to the ambience of the bathroom design. This type of lighting will let you relax to a great extent.
You may introduce concealed lighting in your bathroom along with small ceiling down lights. Why is this type of light effective? It helps you to avoid direct light reflecting straight into eyes, especially when you are in the bathtub. Concealed light, also known as hidden light, softens a space and is an excellent enhancement when constructed around a mirror. This kind of light imparts a sense of luxury to the bathroom.

You can instantly transform your bathroom into your own private spa just buy using candles. Scented candles will add up to the aura.

Now, you must be wondering whom to approach for designing your dream bathroom. There are several firms providing affordable interior design in Kolkata. Search the internet to get the list of reputed interior designing firms in Kolkata. Going through their portfolio will help you to shortlist the firms. Before taking the final call, be sure that the firm offers decent design at affordable rates.

Here Are 10 Amazing Designing Ideas You Could Use For Your Kid’s Room!

Kids! Yes, they are possibly the best thing in every home. They are the life of it. But did u think about how their room should be? There are various options for affordable interior design in Kolkata. Here is the list of DIY things you may incorporate in your kid’s rooms:

1. Wonders on the walls :-

All kids have something they love the most, it could be a bird or an animal or may be a comic character. Put up a lovely poster or a picture of it on the wall and see how the kids love you more for it.

2. Reuse old stuff to make newer things :-

This will help to fuel your child’s imagination. You can help your kids to make new posters from your old comic books, use your old paintings to make collages and many more things.

3. A little idea for your princess :-

You princess needs a subtle touch of femininity in her room. You can paint those old glass bottles and turn them into cute lights or flower vases. An innovative idea for room decor!

4. The creative corner :-

All of deserve a creative corner where we can use our imaginative faculty to work. You can do this for your kid’s room. Put up acrylic sheets as white boards so that they can paint their hearts out on them!

5. Mirrors :-

Mirrors are inexpensive ways of installing some glamour in your kid’s room. Putting up a large mirror which is decorated from the sides with the tiny lights look super cute! You can even add up your family pictures onto it. A great idea of a photo hanger too!

If you are not comfortable doing these yourself appoint an interior designer. There are various residential and commercial interior designing firms in Kolkata that can help u achieve the best for your kid’s special room!