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It is one of the popular trends nowadays to design one’s home in a unique way. Remodelling the home also a great tactics to enhance the value of the sale and it stands as a great advantage if you are thinking about selling your home. A well decorated home looks far more attractive to the potential buyers than a rather plain looking home. If the owner of the home bears a creative bent of mind then they can plunge into the interior decoration spree on his/her own. In absence of adequate ideas or time, one can well consult a firm offering affordable interior design in Kolkata. There are several eminent firms who boast professional and experienced home interior decorators in Kolkata. They can indeed stand out to be your guiding star in making your dream home come true.
Here are few tips that will help a home owner to design the interiors in an affordable way.   Here are the elements; your design endeavour can start from,

•If you choose to upgrade the floor of your house then it will surely bring in a positive impact to the entire space. Laminating the floor in dark shades like charcoal black, chocolate brown will put forward a hardwood effect and that will enhance the elegance quotient of the space.

•The next big thing is about changing the furniture. If you really want to add a unique appeal to the space then it is really important that you replace all the old and outdated furniture and fixture. Once, you put the right set of furniture and remove all the clatter then only your upgrade will be noticeable or else the entire effort will be in vein.

• Using the right colour is one of the key elements as a wisely chosen colour can do wonders on your space. White and Black furniture are the conservative choices of all times whereas light shades like off-white or beige are turning out to be seemingly popular nowadays. You can even play around with the designs and shapes of the different furniture like coffee table, chairs and so on.  This will not just have a funky setting for your home but give your visitors enough reasons to appreciate your effort.

• Lastly, what is most important to add up the vibrant charm to your home is accessorizing it in the proper way. It is just about having the creative bent, the observant eyes and you will be able to pick up lots of unique items to offer your home, the pizzazz you want to flaunt to your visitors and cherish when you are alone with yourself.

It is really important to choose the perfect paint for your home wisely.  You must spent lots of time looking for the right shade to deck up your personal space. The hue, you home will be flaunting must put forward a positive vibe and your space must tell a story aloud from the depth of the vibrant tinge.

Hope, this simple tips will be helpful in having a home that is unique, contemporary and most importantly not a huge strain on your wallet.

Affordable interior design service in Kolkata offers solution for men’s bedroom colours

You may think that choosing the bedroom colours for men is really a tough task. Keep a few tips in mind and you will find out that it is not that difficult either. If you still not sure, you can always consult an interior designer. There are several reputed interior designs firm which offer service of affordable interior design in Kolkata.

Let us have a discussion on what are the preferred bedroom colours for men. Most importantly, you must remember that one should paint one’s bedroom according to one’s taste and preference.
Blue If you want to impart a sense of tranquillity to the bedroom, no other colour can compete with blue. Blue has a calming effect on us. You can choose from sky blue, powder blue, topaz blue, classy ocean blue or hot electric blue shades. Combination of blue and gray is one of the popular bedroom colour trends.

Brown Trust me, brown is one of the best bedroom wall colours. Being a gender neutral colour, brown goes well both for women and men. Different shades of browns can do wonders for the bedroom. Antique furniture pieces or any wooden furniture with natural finish will be the perfect choice for this room.

White- If you are not sure about what colour to paint the bedroom with, play safe with white. White is such a colour which can never go wrong. Keep dark coloured furniture and decor in your room and it will bring out the best contrasting combinations ever.

Affordable interior designing in Kolkata is a common option these days. After picking up the colour of your choice, you may hire a designer who can make the bedroom the perfect one.

Hire a Residential Interior Designer Firm to add Magic to Guest Room

We always give that extra attention to our guests. Interior design of guest room needs to be done in such a way that your guest feels absolutely comfortable and delighted. Remember few tips and hire a residential interior designer firm to get the ultimate guest room.

Style Spa Interior Design

To start with, use pleasant colours to paint the room. You will need stylish yet comfortable furniture, accessories, fabrics to deck up the guest room. Decking up the room does not mean that you need to invest a lump sum.  Simple bedroom ideas can completely change the look of the room into a spectacular one. Stylish and minimalist furniture reflects your need for tidiness and cleanliness.

Illumination, furniture, colour, carpet, fixtures and windows everything should together enhance the look of the room, imparting it a very cosy feeling too. Wooden side tables, a beautiful table lamp, a nice clock, a modern painting on the wall and a delicate flower vase are enough to do the decor of the room. If space allows, a comfortable chaise, dressing table and cabinets with drawers for keeping folded clothes can also be placed in the room. Don’t forget to keep empty hangers so that the guest can hang their clothes. A clean dustbin is a must in a corner of the room. There are several home interior decorators in Kolkata. Consult a renowned decorator who will help you in choosing colours, accessories, furniture, fabrics and other things.

A beautiful flower arrangement can bring in the freshness required. All these small things reflect your curtsey and hospitality.

There are several residential interior designer firms in Kolkata which offer interior designing packages at affordable rates. Hire such a firm and have perfect guest room and that too without having a hole in your pocket.

Get Affordable Interior Design Solutions to Bathroom Remodelling

Harsh it may sound but most of the times when we remodel our home, it burns holes in our pocket. But it is not always true. Few tips followed and you will have your home remodelled in the dream manner and that too within your budget. This blog will help you if you are planning to remodel your bathroom.

bathroom decorating

You can remodel the interiors of your bathroom with fresh colours, beautiful accessories, toiletry closets, scented candles and you won’t have to pay hefty money for that. Style your bathroom just the way you always wanted. Consulting an interior designer will let you have interior design solutions. There are several firms offering services of Affordable Interior Design in Kolkata.

The interior designer will provide you several interior design solutions.

Firstly, repainting the bathroom walls and also giving the ceiling and floor a new finish. The colour combination is a very significant aspect of interior designing. Neutral colours such as violet, peach, grey, ivory, yellow and green will impart a relax feeling to the bathroom. The ceiling and floor colours should be complementary to the wall colour. . Plain drywall ceilings and smooth tiled floors are perfect to match walls.

Secondly, think of alternate ideas. For example, if your bathtub is cracked, don’t buy a new bathtub all over. Instead, build a deck around it where you can put flowers and scented candles. If you have to change the bathtub, go for unique shapes such as circular, oval, rectangular, etc.

Thirdly, for the vanity area, choose a mirror which has a different shape and colour. Affordable backsplash ideas with a simple mirror could look attractive when paired with the sink and chest. Using colourful tile backsplash ideas can add brightness to the vanity area.

One of the easiest ways of decorating the bathroom is to use minimum accessories to avoid overdoing.