Hire a Home Interior Decorator to Design Your small flat

You have just got the possession of your first ever own flat. Though you are extremely excited, you are unsure how to design your own small cosy flat. Attention to few things will make your flat your dream home.

Style Spa interior Master Bed Room

Depending on the space available in your flat, you need to choose the appropriate kind of furniture. Wrought iron furniture is good alternative of leather couches. If you want to maintain your budget, you may also go for cane furniture. Cane furniture is inexpensive yet elegant.

Once you have finalized the furniture, you should arrange them wisely in rooms so that they do not cause trouble to you while walking through the rooms. Arranging the furniture vertically will make your floor area look larger. Mirrors, when put the right way, make your room look bigger.

If you want to impart a perfect organised look to your flat, you can always hire an interior designer. An interior designing firm provide various kinds of interior designing services such as home interior designing and commercial interior designing. There are several home interior decorators in Kolkata who provide interior designing services in affordable rates.

A good home interior decorator will guide you what wall colours will brighten up your room. She/ he will suggest you cool colours for the walls so that the room looks bigger. Soft colour tones are inviting and provide a sense of serenity. The designer will also suggest you light reflecting glossy soft shades as they are the best for small spaces.

It may seem to be a daunting task to decorate a small flat. With some creative designs a little logical thinking, you can make your flat look comfortable and spacious.

Residential Interior Designer Firms are Completely Transforming the Look of the 21st Century Home

Some believe in the saying that “first impression is the last impression”. The interior decoration of hour house leaves a lasting and most important “first impression” on the person who enters the house. Furnishing and designing the house with stylistic and artistic props is an important part of home decoration. Residential interior designer firms craft the style for the rooms according to the owner’s requirements and personality.

Designing and decoration of the interior of the interior space of any house requires employment of various materials and props. From a wall-mat or a wall decal to a mural or a fresco etc. is used to adorn the room. Decorators also use lapidary or certain kinds of embroidery to decorate certain spaces in the room. Raw materials like wood, paper, ceramic, metal and textile are used abundantly.
When a smaller room is taken up for decoration, it is often a challenge for the interior designer. Smaller rooms need effective planning and execution and they aim to provide maximum client satisfaction. But satisfying the clients are never easy because most of them are demanding and often are more bent on rejecting the proposed blueprint. But there is one sure way to decorate even a small room beautifully, false ceilings.

False ceilings were previously only restricted to be used in the offices. Now more and more interior decoration companies in Kolkata are using false ceiling for residential projects. Other than the aesthetic appeal they have a practical application. The air conditioner ducts, electric cables, etc. can be easily hidden above these ceilings. They help in reducing the electricity bills as they provide thermal insulation to an extent. With the minimum height of 11 feet the air filled between the gap of the false and the real ceiling acts as an insulator. Thus, cools the room down. They are also used to sound proof a room.

A little breakage or a gap left during the installation can lead to formation and growth of moulds, accumulation of dirt and growth of insect and rodent activity. One must take care of these and install the false ceilings properly, especially if they are living in a hot and humid city like Kolkata. One must consult and hire a reputed interior decoration company in Kolkata for this difficult job.
The whole look and ambiance of a small room will drastically change with installation of false ceilings. Wall colours which are warm and bright along with a beautiful ceiling give the room an appealing and cosy look. The use of geometric shapes, clean lines and streamlines arouses a sense of simplicity and modern design. The residential interior designer firms impress their clients with such innovative ideas to suit their needs in the 21st century.

Interior Designing Solutions adding life to Your Living Room

The front room is known as the living room or the lounge area. Most people are conscious about how their living room should look like. It is important for the interior designer to artfully decorate lounge. The whole house gravitates around the centre i.e. the living room. The guests are welcomed in the living area and leave a lasting impression on them. It is now easy for the owners to get a remodelling done because various affordable interior designers are available in India.
The rajas and maharajas of the ancient times had elaborate courts. The modern man’s court is his living area. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on remodelling or decorating your lounge area. With efficient planning and insight of the interior decorator a cost effective remodelling can be easily achieved. The interior design solutions for the living room range from affordable to luxurious. Here are some examples:
• The cosy living room

The use of contrast colour for the walls allows the natural light to brighten up the room. One of the walls is painted dark to allow the light to flood the other three walls. The light grey sofa beautifully compliments the blue wall. The small yet sleek coffee table is placed right in the centre. The corner is filled with a minimalistic white lamp shade. A pop of colour is added to the sofa by using multiple shades of blue and grey pillows.
• The simplistic modern room

White or monochrome can never go out of fashion. Minimalistic and crisp setting lends your living room a fresh and soothing ambiance. Here natural light plays a very important part. All the white walls reflect the light and provide a smooth lighting. The pinkish toned sofa and the grey rug adds the needed dose of colour. With minimal furniture the room is extremely airy and sports an affordable interior design.
• The bright and warm living room

This is one of the favourites. The warm hues of purple and orange are very appealing. A segment of the white wall which is adorned with a beautiful section of flower wallpaper is perfect. A dash of colour is added to the wooden flooring by adding a soft and fluffy rug. The purple L-shaped sofa adds dimension to the room.
All these looks can be recreated by the interior decorators easily. Especially affordable interior designs in Kolkata are very much in demand. So if you are planning to remodel your living room contact the nearest outlet of Stylespa, interior decorators.

Role of an interior designer in preening up your personal space

An interior designer plays a great role in creating a perfect set up for your chosen space. They put forward their creative panache and help you to decorate your space just the way you wish it to be. They perform manifold functions by setting up a budget for the entire project, finding out the contractors, scheduling the various jobs and above everything coordinating each aspect of the project and supervising the entire affair. Therefore, if you have just looked forward to have your home or office space designed in the best possible way, an interior designer just shoulder all the responsibility of incorporating the project from scratch to end. They won’t just conceive the idea but will see to it till a successful completion. There are several well-known commercial interior designing firms Kolkata and most of them boast expert professionals to make your interiors look just the way you want it to be.

When you are hiring an interior designer just make it sure that the professional should be licensed and affiliated with a professional organizations and not a mere freelancer. Therefore the best tactics would be hiring a designer from a trusted interior decoration company in Kolkata. The company will then assign one of their experienced designers for your job. An expert designer relieves you from all the stress and worries of overseeing the contractors and the labours but takes all the care themselves and put forward effective solution in case any problem crops up without bothering you in any way. The best part performed by interior designers is that they always try to overcome every obstacle coming up their way and always remain absolutely focused towards the quality of the craftsmanship and the output they are meant to deliver. At the same time they are attentive enough to bring down the cost of labour and materials to a great extent. If you can really judge the designer well while hiring then you are never away from your dream home.